Get Ready for SafeTrack

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A year of Metro shutdowns and singletracking. A year of extra cars on the road and longer commutes. A year of doom and gloom. But it doesn’t have to be that way! During the year of SafeTrack “surges,” WABA wants you to try your commute by bike instead. To help you out, we’ve put together our SafeTrack biking resource page, designed to keep you in the know about what the region’s bike community has up its sleeve for each surge. You can find it at Here you’ll find all the info you’ll need to bike your commute, join a bike train convoy, find or become a bike buddy, and more. If you’re already a bike commuter or you just want to help your fellow Metro riders, we’re looking for volunteers for a whole host of opportunities: ride leaders, station captains, sign hangers, flier distributors, etc.

Volunteer with us

Tomorrow: MTPD Outreach at College Park

Locked bicycle Metro Transit Police recently made registration available for cyclists who lock up around the system’s facilities. It’s free—and if you register your bike tomorrow at the College Park station, you’ll receive a free U-lock. MTPD recognizes the benefits of U-locks (they’re much harder to break than wire or chain locks) and hopes this outreach event will further reduce bike theft around stations. MTPD will be at the College Park station between 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. Read the full press release below the jump. Continue reading

Plan Your Bike to Work Day Via Metro

metro btwd Bike to Work Day is just over a week away (it’s next Fri., May 17)! In our regular blog series about Bike to Work Day 2013, we’ve addressed how to handle the event if you’re a multi-m0dal commuter. For those whose paths cross (or veer toward) Cheverly or West Hyattsville, consider registering for pit stops at those Metro stops. For the first time, WMATA is running Bike to Work Day pit stops for multi-modal commuters or for those who work around Cheverly or West Hyattsville. Show your support for WMATA’s efforts by making either one of these Prince George’s County stops yours on Bike to Work Day 2013. Each stop will have giveaways and demonstrations of how to mount your bike on a bus’ front rack. Expect safety tips, too! See WMATA’s PlanIt Metro blog for more information. WMATA has made a number of materials available to advertise its pit stops. Feel free to check out or circulate this banner and poster, as well as registration flyers (Cheverly, West Hyattsville) and smaller take-one sheets (Cheverly, West Hyattsville). Have you signed up for Bike to Work Day? When you register, you can join WABA or renew your membership at a discount, $25!