Thanks for riding with us, Bethesda and Arlington!

Wow. Such excellent classes in Bethesda and Arlington this weekend. Here’s what they looked like:

Saturday’s City Cycling class in Bethesda

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City Cycling comes to Friendship Heights on May 3!

Claim your spot.

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Sunday’s Learn to Ride class in Arlington

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We still have space in our unsubsidized Learn to Ride class this Saturday, May 2, in DC.

Join us!

L2R.4.26.6_lowres L2R.4.26.7_lowres L2R.4.26.8_lowres L2R.4.26.9_lowres L2R.4.27.10_lowres Big thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday and Sunday. We are especially grateful to Bethesda Transportation Solutions and Bike Arlington for making these classes possible. There’s lots of other exciting stuff happening this season. Check our adult education calendar for more class offerings and community rides coming up soon.

Wanted: Volunteer Photographers for Bike To Work Day

Photo by Peter Klosky

photo: Peter Klosky

We’re looking for some camera carrying folks to help us take pictures on Bike To Work Day (May 15th). Here’s the deal: WABA needs a better stock photo library. Particularly, we need more images that showcase the range of people who bike in our region and show off the best of our region’s bicycling infrastructure. A great photo is a powerful advocacy tool, and we’re hoping you can help us strengthen our toolbox. Plus, it will be fun! So here’s our ask:
  1. Spend half an hour or an hour on the morning or evening of Bike To Work Day in a designated location with your DSLR (or rangefinder or mirrorless, or other nifty camera).
  2. Take a bunch of pictures.
  3. Send them to us.
  4. That’s pretty much it. When you sign up, we’ll send along some suggestions about what makes photos particularly useful for WABA, but you know better than we do how you and your camera work together, so follow your muse.
Process your photos if you want, but don’t feel obligated. We can do that. We’d rather do the watermarking ourselves so it fits in with the rest of our branding (see below for our commitment to crediting you for your work). If you’re selecting photos before sending them (again, don’t feel obligated, we’re happy to do the sorting), remember that for WABA’s purposes, a good genuine smile is more important than perfect focus, exposure or composition. Send us the photos in whatever form is easiest. Dropbox, Google Drive, thumb drive.

sign up

WABA’s End of This Deal We understand that you are not only volunteering your time and skills, but your intellectual property. When we use your photos, we commit to credit you for your work in the following ways:
  1. On social media: a watermark photo credit usually in the lower right of the image. In this context, the watermark ensures that as an image is shared, your name will stay attached to it.
  2. In email & on our website: we will include credit (with a link if you like) in the photo caption.
  3. In print: Credit under photo or in a watermark
  4. In metadata: We’ll make sure to retain your credit in the metadata in all versions of the image.
You can sign up to participate here. If you have questions, please email or call 202-518-0524 x201.

2013 in WABA’s Photos

L Street Cycletrack Outreach

This was the best, most interesting photo on our Flickr account in February 2013.

Friend of WABA M.V. Jantzen put together a nifty app that allows one to explore a Flickr user’s “best” photos, based on Flickr’s “interestingness” rating (which combines views, favorites, and comments on uploaded photos). Here are the best photos on WABA’s own Flickr account, and here are the best photos from WABA’s Flickr pool, to which you might graciously contribute! See the rest of the year’s best photos from WABA’s Flickr account below the jump. Continue reading

Bike KIND-ly is Back for 2014!

Bike KIND-ly is back for the 2014 season!

Last year, WABA’s Bike Ambassadors partnered with KIND Snacks to create a Bike KIND-ly campaign. Each month, a different “tip” geared towards bicycle safety or etiquette was stuck on a snack bar and given out at various locations around the city as a reminder to riders to be kind on the roads. We reached over 2,000 bicyclists last year and are hoping to have an even bigger impact this year.

Catch the Bike Ambassadors tomorrow morning, Jan. 8, at Kansas Avenue and 5th St. NW rom 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. Stop by to learn more about the program, how you can get involved, or just to grab a snack!

If you missed the 2013 Bike KIND-ly season, stay tuned. We’ll be back here with a full list of last year’s tips. For now, check out some photos below the jump. Continue reading

The WABA Holiday Party, in Photos

WABA Holiday 2013 (35 of 43) On Dec. 12, WABA members filled up the Bier Baron in Dupont for a holiday celebration. Our yearly holiday party is a great way for our members to mingle with each other, and we loved welcoming new and old supporters alike. Your membership dollars directly support our advocacy, education, and outreach efforts. If you aren’t a member, join today! Some photos from the holiday party made their way to Flickr. Did you take photos at the WABA holiday party? Add them to our Flickr group! WABA Holiday 2013 (41 of 43) WABA Holiday 2013 (32 of 43) Continue reading

The Lion Ride, in Photos

On Sept. 28, WABA led the second annual Lion Ride, a slow, beginner-friendly ride that meandered from Anacostia Park to the Frederick Douglass historic site in Anacostia. Ride participants enjoyed Anacostia’s low-traffic, residential roads and learned how to access bike-friendly connections between the neighborhood and the park. See more photos below the jump. 2013 Lion Ride Continue reading

PARK(ing) Day 2013, in Photos

For a few hours last Friday, the D.C. Bike Ambassadors transformed a single metered parking space outside of WABA’s Adams Morgan office into a tiny temporary park.


PARK(ing) Day is an annual event dedicated to transforming car parking spaces into public spaces for people. The project began in San Francisco in 2005, and D.C. hosted a PARK(ing) Day for the first time in four years this year. What started as a guerilla-style event has now been embraced by city officials. This year, DDOT allowed any organization to apply for a permit to create a mini pop-up park as long as they had a proof of insurance and promised to only occupy the space from 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

2013 Park(ing) Day

The idea behind the Bike Ambassador’s “park” was to provide a safe spot for bicyclists, and an information booth to those wanting to learn more. We created a bicycling photo booth and asked folks to share why they bike!

2013 Park(ing) Day


The interactive “park” we set up was a fantastic way to get folks to consider bicycling!

2013 Park(ing) Day


For more pictures, see our PARK(ing) Day Flickr set and our instagram page.

The 2013 50 States and 13 Colonies Ride, in Photos

Photo by Twitter user patrickeverson

The 50 States and 13 Colonies rides are WABA’s signature events: The former is a grueling—but fascinating—trek through all of D.C.’s 50 state-named streets, while the latter is a more relaxed exploration. Before we present a full recap of the event, we wanted to share with you some photos we and others snapped this past Saturday. 2013 50 States Ride If you took photos at 50 States or the afterparty, please add them to our Flickr pool, where you can find tons and tons of great photos from the event! You can see our full set of photos here. 2013 50 States Ride See more photos below the jump. Continue reading

Contribute to Our Flickr Pool

one dedicated photog Last week, we announced our new Flickr pool, for any sort of cycling-related photos in the D.C. region. There have been great additions, like the above photo by Flickr user Joe in DC from the 2012 Diamond Derby. Thanks to everyone who’s contributed so far! We hope to grow the Flickr pool into not just a collection of shots from WABA events, but also a visual resource of area cycling infrastructure, activities, and people. Remember to add your photos to the WABA Flickr pool when you upload them. We appreciate it!