Join WABA During Our Membership Drive to Help Make Bicycling Better in the Washington Area!

WABA’s advocacy has helped get green lanes painted in DC & Arlington. Become a member today!

Seen a green lane on your recent commute? Want to see more? Join WABA or refer-a-friend to support our advocacy.

Most of what WABA does, day-in and day-out, isn’t terribly visible. It’s attending evening community meetings and testifying at public hearings and reviewing budget notes and writing letters to the editors. But it’s because we spend the thousands of hours doing this behind-the-scenes advocacy work that the trails get funded and built, the bike lanes striped, the safety classes taught, and the bike racks installed. However, we are reliant on the financial support of area bicyclists to continue this work. To sustain our advocacy efforts WABA is launching a Fall Membership Drive this week, October 22nd-26th. For the next five days we are offering our 1-year individual and 1-year family memberships at a discounted rate ($10 off).

To sweeten the deal: each new member who joins during the drive receives a free WABA water bottle or WABA sunglasses along with a WABA patch kit and tire levers set (while supplies last).

Tour the US by Bike with Bike Escapades, a WABA Discount-Partner

“Membership with Benefits” is a blog series in which we highlight a different WABA member benefit each month. Last month we featured Brighter Days Collective Dog Walking & Pet Sitting. This month we’re featuring Bike Escapades, a bike touring company.

Planning trips can be stressful and planning bike trips can be even more stressful. Figuring out where to stay and eat, what route(s) to bike, and how to transport everything can be demanding. Sometimes we just want to ride our bikes in new, beautiful settings and not worry about the logistics of how to do so. Fortunately, Bike Escapades makes bike vacations easy.

Bike Escapades is a small bike touring company that provides fully supported bike trips throughout the United States. Enjoy spectacular scenery and local culture on quite roads without the logistical headache of arranging it. Where to stay and eat? They take care of it.

Join Bike Escapades on any of their 2013 bike tours and save $150 as a WABA member. For every member that takes advantage of the discount, Bike Escapades donates an additional $150 to WABA in your name.

Now THAT’S a member benefit!

Join Brighter Days Collective. They’ll walk your dog AND buy your WABA membership!

“Membership with Benefits” is a blog series in which we highlight a different WABA member benefit each month. In July we featured ZipCar, the national car-sharing network.  This month we’re featuring Brighter Days Collective Dog Walking & Pet Sitting.

Heading out of town for the week(end), but not able or wanting to take your pooch along? Work long days, leaving your dog inside all day? Ever thought about a dog walker or pet sitter? Because we know just the one!

Brighter Days Collective is a DC-based dog walking and pet sitting agency whose employees travel by bike to walk or sit your pets. How cool is that? You know what’s even cooler? In addition to having employees who bike to and from your home, Brighter Days will actually pay you to join (or renew your membership with) WABA!  That’s right. They will cover the cost of your WABA membership if you utilize their pet services.

Now that’s a member benefit!

For Those Rare Times You Need to Go By Car, Think About Going By WABA Partner ZipCar!

“Membership with Benefits” is a blog series in which we highlight a different WABA member benefit each month. Last month we featured, a national bike rental company. This month we’re featuring ZipCar, the car-sharing network.

Moving across town? Planning a day trip out of the city? Picking “that” friend up at the airport who decided to fly into Dulles (when you live in Silver Spring)? For those rare times you need to go by car, think about going by ZipCar. It’s easy: 1) Join, 2) Reserve, 3) Unlock and 4) Drive.  And luckily, WABA members receive half off their first-year annual fee, making it just $30!

It’s a car on-demand, whether for a couple hours or the whole day. Now you can go mountain biking at the newly-opened Rockburn Skills Park, pick up that amazing vintage couch you just bought off Craigslist, or drive out to Merriweather to see a great show while keeping your day-to-day life on-bike and car-free. Just contact for the discount code.

Now that’s a member benefit!


Track Your Trips in July to Help Raise $10K for WABA

WABA is thrilled to announce that we’ve been selected as the July beneficiary of the CLIF Bar 2 mile challenge!  Each month, CLIF Bar picks a different bicycling non-profit as beneficiary of its nationwide challenge to get people out of their cars for trips under 2 miles.  For every trip logged on during the month of July, CLIF Bar will donate $1 to WABA, up to $10,000!  With thousands of WABA members and dedicated cyclists throughout the region, we are confident that we’ll hit that 10,000 trip mark!

We only need 165 cyclists to log 2 trips a day in order to reach 10000 trips by the end of July.  And since this contest is nation-wide, cyclists in other states and cities can log their trips as well to benefit WABA.  So call your sister in Chicago, your brother in law in Nashville, your nephew in Ann Arbor and ask them to register!

Create an account at by clicking “Join the Ride” and filling out your information. Then you can easily enter your trips each day.

So please, today, go to and register to begin logging your bike trips!  Every trip logged now will help the Los Angeles Bike Coalition reach their goal of 10,000 trips by the end of June.  And it’s good practice for July, when we’ll need every trip duly logged to raise funds to support our advocacy and outreach efforts in the Washington area.

(The GPS smartphone version is a bit more complicated, but provides a ton of additional features for those who want to map and share routes and track training statistics.  You can create an account on Bike Brain by downloading the app onto your iphone or Droid and entering your information. Then, when you start pedaling, click START TRIP.  After each trip, click FINISH TRIP, ensure “Log Miles to 2 Mile Challenge” is checked, and click SHARE.)


Traveling this Summer & Wanting to Rent a Bike? WABA Partner Can Help!

Membership with Benefits is a blog series in which we highlight a different WABA member benefit each month. We first featured Bike and Roll, a local bike rental/tour company. This month we’re featuring, a national bike rental company.

Will you be traveling this summer? Do you want to explore your destination by bike without the hassle of bike boxes, car racks or over-sized luggage charges? We’ve got the perfect solution: Linking you to over 250 bike rental companies in the U.S. and Canada, will get you on a bike saddle and rolling to the nearest coffee shop, restaurant or museum all across North America. Pretty sweet, right?

But we’re sweetening your ride(s) even more! WABA members save $5 every time you reserve a bike at one of‘s locations! Explore the hills of San Francisco, the newly painted bike lanes of Chicago and the Florida coast, saving $5 on your reservation each time.  Just contact for the discount code.

Now that’s a member benefit!

Make a Resolution to Ride Responsibly in 2011

Click here to sign the 2011 Resolution to Ride Responsibly!

This morning, as I was riding to the office, I hit a red light. And I stopped and waited for it to turn green. As WABA’s DC Bike Ambassador, I do this a lot. What’s more, it’s part of my job to try and get everybody else to do it too. Even among WABA members, encouraging cyclists to obey the law can be a challenging task. So, it was both a pleasant surprise and an unfortunate indicator of how much work I have left to do when a motorist pulled up alongside of me at that red light and rolled down his window to say:

“You’re the first cyclist I’ve ever seen follow the laws!”

And then he gave me a thumb’s up and drove away. This is exactly what WABA has long been working towards: making the streets a safer and more enjoyable place for bicyclists, and consequently, all other road users too. Safe bicycling is not just about keeping bicyclists safe, it’s also about respecting the safety of others.

So this winter, WABA is announcing our Resolution to Ride Responsibly, an online New Year’s resolution that we encourage all cyclists in DC, Maryland and Virginia to take. The arrival of a new year is the perfect time to reflect on the past and to change bad habits, make personal improvements and lay the foundation for the next twelve months. We want people who ride bicycles–whether for fun, for work, or for transportation to either one–to think about what it means to ride safely and responsibly and to make these things their priority for 2011.

WABA’s Resolution to Ride Responsibly

In 2011…

…I resolve to be a more responsible bicyclist.

…I resolve to better respect the rights of other road users.

…I resolve to make a good faith effort to better follow the law.

…I resolve to yield to pedestrians.

…I resolve to help make bicycling safer and easier for all of us.

Please click here to sign the Resolution! Help WABA and everybody on a bicycle by being a responsible rider.

Plus, it turns out that being responsible out on the road isn’t particularly difficult or burdensome, and it will actually make you a better cyclist. But that’s not all!

It will also:

  • Make you thinner – Stopping at red lights and stop signs burns more calories.
  • Make you more attentive – Headphones and cell phones while cycling are a bad idea.
  • Make you a role model – Other cyclists will emulate you, honest.
  • Make your husband/wife/parents/children/girlfriend/boyfriend/boss happier – Because they won’t have to worry about you being irresponsible.
  • Change drivers’ attitudes – Following the law makes you more predictable, which makes it easier for drivers to anticipate you, avoid you and go on their way without aggravation.
  • Help the bicycle community – Like it or not, all cyclists are often tarred with the same brush, and lawbreaking cyclists make us all look bad.
  • Help WABA – Bicycle-specific traffic laws may be out of reach for now (think: Idaho stop), but being able to say “look at all the cyclists out there following existing laws” would be a huge help!

Remember, click here to sign the Resolution to Ride Responsibly and click here to read our press release. We’ll be collecting signatures throughout January (for all you late resolution-makers), and to kick off the year in the responsible gear, we’re having a New Year’s Resolution Ride on Saturday, January 8th.

You can sign up for the ride here, but please sign the Resolution to Ride Responsibly first!

$1 to WABA at New Georgetown City Sports

Want an excuse to buy a new bike helmet or cycling jacket?  Here your excuse, City Sports is opening a new store in Georgetown at 3338 M Street NW.  The doors open on December 14th at 10am.  There is the usual $10,000 in gift bag giveaways, $3,000 in shopping spree giveaways, and hourly in-store raffles that goes along with store openings.   In addition to the giveaways, City Sports will be donating $1 per shopper to one of three local charities including WABA!  So, bike on down to Georgetown, buy yourself (or someone else) something nice for the holidays and help WABA too!  At the end of your transaction, you’ll receive a token to place in one of three jars. Make sure to place yours in the WABA jar.

WABA Members get discounts on Electronic Bikes at E+ Electric Bikes

Sometimes you just need a little extra push in the right direction.   If you’ve ever been curious in an electric bike is right for you or are already thinking about purchasing one, join WABA today (if you haven’t already) to take advantage of this amazing deal.   E+ Electric Bikes in Reston now offer a FREE TUNE UP to WABA members and $400 off electronic bikes.  If that doesn’t get you revved up for the holidays, what will?

Bike Lights 2010 (with a Confession)

WABA's giveaway lights

Daylight Saving Time is ending and it’s going to be getting dark earlier. So as usual, WABA will be giving out free bike lights to those who need them. But we’re going to do things a bit differently this year. We’re hoping to focus on the “those who need them” part.

Of course, everyone needs a light if riding a bike at night. But I’m not sure everyone needs one supplied by the DC government and WABA.

Here’s my confession: Before I started working here, I hit up WABA for a new light every year. I would see the “Got Lights” giveaway advertised, show up, and get my free light. And since I put it to good use, I never thought twice about it taking a light. Seemed like a nice perk of membership.

But now that I’m working here and know a bit more about the program, I see what it’s really meant to be. It’s intended to get lights into the hands of people who ride at night regularly, but who either can’t afford or otherwise won’t access a light. From my limited research, it seems that Los Angeles was the first place to really effectively use light giveaways to improve cyclist safety, and they did it by targeting the large population of Latino riders who often commute to and from work in the early morning or late evening when it’s dark.

DC’s program is modeled somewhat on that one. WABA’s giveaways have generally taken place in areas with a large Spanish-speaking population in order to target the same demographic that Los Angeles successfully targeted with its campaign. But still, the big WABA tent and public announcements drew a large number of members and cyclists (like me) who could have afforded to buy our own lights at any shop, and just thought of these as a membership perk.

So this year, we’re going to do things differently. Starting last week, WABA staff began taking smaller batches of lights with them while riding around the District after dusk. When we see people actually riding without lights at night, we offer them lights. But we’re not advertising it and we’re not telling people where we’re going to be with much (if any) advance warning.

The goal here is to use these lights to make the greatest possible impact on safety. We want every light to go to someone who (1) actually rides a bike (2) at night  (3) without a light and (4) would not otherwise get a light.

So if you can afford to purchase your own light, we would encourage you to do so. We have a full list of regional bike shops who would love your business here.  And last night I donated back to WABA the $18 it cost  to provide me with those 2 light sets I received in past years.  If you’d like to similarly help us with our safety and advocacy efforts by donating the cost of a light set, you can do so here with a donation of $9.

To those of you who were hoping to get your annual blinky-light set from WABA, I hope you understand why we’re changing tactics this year.  Of course, we won’t turn you away if you find us on the street or visit us at a giveaway event.  But we hope that you’ll help us get lights to those who most need free lights.

(And we’d like to thank DDOT for their generous grant covering the cost of many lights, as well as District Hardware/The Bike Shop for providing the light sets at a discount and rushing them here prior to the end of Daylight Saving Time.)