Biking on the 4th of July: Closures, tips, things to know.

Not recommended.

Biking is a great way to get yourself to and from your preferred fireworks viewing point this holiday. Here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Bikes aren’t allowed on Metro at all on the 4th. You can still use the bike racks on buses.
  • Capital Bikeshare will have corral service at 10th and Constitution NW. Some stations will be inaccessible throughout the day. More details here.
  • Bring your lights. It’ll be dark when you head home.
  • Don’t bike drunk. Seriously. Call a cab or put your bike on the bus.
  • Expect trails to be very crowded, especially along the waterfront. Remember that it’s nobody’s job to get out of your way. Be patient, negotiate space, expect to dismount and walk a few times.
  • Plan to walk your bike on the bridges over the Potomac. They get very crowded.
  • The National Park Service has a good rundown of road closures and a handy map of restricted areas and services:
AND REMEMBER: Bike to the fireworks, but don’t set off fireworks from your bike.  

Biking Around the Concert for Valor

Tomorrow’s Concert for Valor will have a number of effects on your ability to get around on your bike tomorrow. WJLA has a handy Google map of road closures (bel0w). Bikes won’t be allowed on the closed roads. Also note that bikes won’ t be allowed on Metro all day, not just at  rush hour. If you’re entering the District from Virginia on the 14th St Bridge or the Memorial Bridge, give yourself some extra time to get around the closures on the mall. Ohio Drive around the Tidal Basin is probably a good alternative. There will be lots of pedestrians out too. Be polite! As far as we know, the concert promoters are not offering additional bike parking. If you’re biking to the show, exercise the usual courtesy: don’t lock to trees, bus stop signposts, other people’s bikes, or members of the E Street Band. UPDATE: Capital Bikeshare is offering bike corrals at 10th and Constitution and 12th and Independence. If you’re out on your bike tomorrow and encounter other closed or blocked streets, tweet at us (@WABADC) or send an email.