Meet Kalli, our new Capital Trails Coalition Manager!

Hi all! I’m Kalli Krumpos and I’m so excited to join WABA as the new Capital Trails Coalition Manager. I’ll be working with the Capital Trails Coalition and our broader community to help create an equitable, connected trail network across the region.

I’m motivated to complete the trail network because it’s such a valuable resource for the people who live, work, and travel through our region. Our trails represent opportunities for community building: connecting neighbors, businesses, and services around trails while also providing a space for camaraderie among trail users. I look forward to applying my experiences in strategic planning, project management, advocacy, and community engagement to help people of all ages and abilities access trails, expand and connect the trail network, and improve and maintain existing trails.

Before coming to WABA, I strengthened my project management and strategic planning skills in management consulting with Guidehouse where I worked with U.S. Government agencies to plan and implement complex projects. I previously worked to advance child, family, and education policies across the country with Council for a Strong America where I focused on membership engagement, policy campaigns, and project management.

My experiences thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail and biking across the country to support affordable housing with Bike & Build also inform my perspective about the importance of creating accessible, inclusive, and safe trails. Those experiences taught me how powerful it can be to have a group of people working together around a common goal and I am inspired to help our trails be a resource for our communities while also helping to build an on-trail community for all. I am so thrilled to join WABA and the Capital Trails Coalition and am looking forward to jumping in.

Please reach out at or 202-964-5266 if you would like to get more involved, have any questions, or if you’d just like to chat about your experiences on trails!

Meet Stephanie, our new Vision Zero Coalition Manager!

Hey, y’all, my name is Stephanie Tulowetzke and I’m extremely excited to be joining WABA as the new Vision Zero Coalition Manager!

My social work education is the basis for the core values informing my work: the dignity and worth of all people, the importance of human relationships, and social justice. I first got involved in community organizing when I was in grad school, which led to me doing advocacy work full-time. I’ve organized local and national campaigns to stop climate change, those in favor of local affordable housing advocacy, and national voter engagement/education.

My path to transportation advocacy is simple and personal. While i grew up in Northern Virginia, I’ve been in DC since 2018 and navigate the city mainly via transit and walking. I love the DC region and the people that live here, and watching the number of traffic fatalities increase over the last few years feels personal. I want to be able to safely get to wherever I want or need to in the region, and I want everyone else to be able to do the same, no matter what transportation mode they’re using.

I am so thrilled to be involved with WABA’s transportation and safe streets advocacy, and am looking forward to jumping in. Feel free to reach out at if you’d like to connect, or if you have any thoughts or ideas you’d like to share on Vision Zero and safe streets.

Meet Akyra Davis!

Hello! I’m Akyra Davis and am excited to be a part of WABA as the Events and Partnerships Coordinator. I am moving to DC from St. Louis, MO and can’t wait to start exploring the DC area. 

Before coming to WABA I worked at a nonprofit in the Grand Center Arts District in St. Louis to continue improvement in safety, development and programming in the area. While there, I got the chance to meet and interact with residents and visitors to figure out what issues were important to them to keep the neighborhood thriving. I also helped plan events that highlighted the historic and unique characteristics of the area. Prior to joining that team I worked as an onsite events coordinator for corporate events. I traveled over 260 days a year to locations worldwide to operate incentive trips, business meetings and conferences. On top of the travel, another fun perk of that job was getting to experience the various entertainment options brought in for the events.

While events have been my passion for a long time, I am most excited to dig into the partnership side of my role. I am looking forward to using this as a way to navigate, learn, and connect with people in DC. I also like the challenge of showing different organizations how the work WABA does is relevant to their business and organizations in ways they may not have realized. 

In my free time my favorite thing to do is travel. It is the best way for me to learn about people, culture and food. My favorite place to travel is Italy (I lived in Rome for 2 years while getting my MBA) but some of my most memorable trips were to Japan, South Africa, and Israel. I also enjoy a true crime podcast or documentary and can spend hours listening, watching or reading these stories. I’ve learned to balance the sometimes gruesome details with hours of Bravo reality shows.

Be sure to register for one of our upcoming rides this year so I can meet the extended WABA family!

Meet Taylor Williams!

Hey! My name is Taylor Williams and I’m honored to be WABA’s new Youth and Family Education Coordinator! 

Throughout my career as an educator and coach I have always believed that every learner deserves an environment where they feel safe to have fun, take risks, and push the limits of their new skills. Being bad at something is always the first step to becoming great at it, but it can be hard to push through that initial period of challenge without anyone in your corner. That’s why I am thrilled to join WABA and continue the work of creating welcoming spaces that empower as many folks as possible, to build the confidence and skills needed to utilize bikes in a way that brings more joy and agency to their lives. 

I’m a lifelong lover of biking who still remembers saving up chore money as a kid to buy their very own purple Mongoose. As a Northern VA native, I’ve been blessed with access to local trails in the D.C. area where I can spend time connecting with friends and family. Over the past four years I have also been able to take advantage of the well developed bike and trail system in South Korea during my commute to work as a Fulbright English Language Teacher, and in my free time.

I’m looking forward to contributing to the growth of a youth and family cycling community closer to home, one that is excited about utilizing our local bike infrastructure as it continues to incorporate equity and accessibility. If you have any questions or great ideas about how we can continue to serve our local youth and family biking needs, I’m eager to hear from you! You can reach me by email at

We’d also love to have you and your family join us, so please, come on out to our classes and events and get in on the fun!