Welcome Greg Billing, WABA’s new Executive Director

by Mark Blacknell, President of the WABA Board

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association Board of Directors and I are excited to announce the appointment of Greg Billing to serve as the organization’s next Executive Director.

You’ve probably received emails from Greg before—he has been with the organization for more than five years, most recently as our Advocacy Coordinator. During his tenure, Greg led WABA’s transition to “bicycling for all” advocacy, which focuses on inclusive, comfortable and safe infrastructure and public policies to support growing ridership.

Greg Billing at Bike to Work Day 2015

Greg Billing at Bike to Work Day 2015

In his own words, “I fell in love with this city by exploring it on my bike. There’s no better way to meet neighbors and connect to the community. I am thrilled to lead the amazing team at WABA as we work to bring access to bicycling to everyone in the region.”

And: “The next chapter for WABA will be exciting as we expand to serve the growing number of everyday and casual riders. We will focus on becoming more inclusive, open and transparent.”

I and the rest of the board are particularly excited about Greg’s leadership. He has many talents, but his ability to help others understand what takes to makes our streets safe for everyone is amazing.  We look forward to working with Greg to make sure that WABA’s capacity to achieve its mission grows significantly in the years to come.

In the coming weeks, WABA will finalize and release a 5-year Strategic Plan—a bike map for the future of the organization. The Strategic Plan presents a vision that recognizes the historic growth and popularity of bicycling in the region and provides a framework for continuing that growth.

Greg Billing begins his tenure as Executive Director immediately. Please welcome him at executivedirector@waba.org.


Mark Blacknell

WABA Board President.

Happy Halloween From the All-Powerful Bike Lobby

Halloween at WABA


Boo! Happy Halloween from the WABA staff, which is dressed today as the All-Powerful Bike Lobby. (For context, start here, and continue here.) Joy Ryde, Karen Moore, Eileen Wright, Sharon LaRode, Holden D. Lane, Jaun LesCarre, Will B. Turning are proud to represent the interests—by any means necessary.

More photos of our stunning staffers can be found here. We also decked out our trailer in some very spooky cobwebs.

Did you dress up in something bike-y for Halloween? Did you dress up your bike? Add shots of your costume to our Flickr pool!

Meet the Bike Ambassador Team

We’ve previously introduced you to a few of our superstar bike-ambassador volunteers. Since then, the program has grown, and we’ve brought on part-time staff to better spread the word of bicycling in D.C. You might recognize Dani, Hamzat, and Pete, who have spent the past few weeks roaming the city with our big green bike trailers. Learn more about them below. 

20130926_071525Dani Moore
My path to professional cycling zealot began innocuously enough. In 2006, I moved to Tempe, Arizona to attend Arizona State University. Like many Sun Devils, I discovered that the fastest and most pleasurable way to commute to campus was by bike. Every day I rolled 1.5 miles from my apartment to school. The habit was so engrained that I continued to commute by bicycle when I moved 1.5 miles farther away. Along the way, I made friends with other cyclists, and I found myself biking increasingly longer distances in their company. We biked to cupcake bakeries, hiking trailheads, and farmers markets in the Phoenix metro area.

Before I knew it, I was embarking on incredible bike adventures – 65-, 75-, 125-mile rides through the Sonoran desert. In December 2012, I set out on my grandest bike adventure yet: a cross-country trip from Phoenix to Washington, D.C.

Joining WABA was one of the first things I did after arriving in D.C. I believe everyone benefits when biking is a viable transportation option. I am eager to help more people discover the joy of cycling and to promote a vibrant, safe, inclusive, and enduring bicycle culture in the nation’s capital.

Meet the next two BAs, Hamzat and Pete, below the jump. Continue reading