How do bikes, field trips, and ice cream sound?



We’re looking for a few super stellar, dynamic, fun-loving volunteers to assist with our action-packed, ice cream studded, adventure seeking BIKE CAMP!

Bike Camp runs from July 13 – 24 on weekdays. We ask that folks who are interested in volunteering commit to riding with us for at least two days, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day.

We’d especially love for folks who have youth development, teaching, or outdoor education experience to join us.

Still interested?

Sign up to come to Bike Camp Volunteer Orientation on Tuesday, July 7, from 6 – 8 p.m.!

If you have any questions, please email us at

DC’s newest and safest bicyclists are at Benning Park

In the fall, we started the Benning Park Bike Club — an innovative afterschool program for youth at Benning Park Recreation Center.

This spring, we were happy to bring Bike Club back to Benning Park. Over six weeks, we rode with a group of engaged youth, taught safe bicycling practices and bike fixing strategies, and explored the neighborhood on our own two wheels. We rode over 10 miles, and our adventures culminated with a scavenger hunt and an ice cream party.

Below, meet some of DC’s newest and safest bicyclists.









Special thanks to Jessie Webb, whose facilitation made this program possible, and to the DC Department of Parks and Recreation.

Want a bike club at your school, recreation center or youth-serving organization? We’d love to be in touch — email us at

Fund a Traffic Garden for Kids to Learn How to Ride Bikes

Last week, we posted our year-end appeal letter on our blog (WABA members and supporters may have also received the appeal via surface mail in the past few weeks). This week, we’re reposting descriptions of the projects we hope to fund through your donations for 2014; we asked for $30,000 to fund entirely and we have currently raised $19,825 thanks to your generous contributions. Make a tax-deductible donation to WABA right now and make our advocacy, education, and outreach dreams a reality!

Today, read about our proposed traffic garden, which will cost $3,000 to build.


There are too few places where kids in the D.C. region can learn how to properly ride bikes. Major trails are too crowded with fast-moving users. Surface parking lots are disappearing. WABA’s own classes have been kicked out of certain locations as space becomes scarcer or more difficult to permit.

We want to install a traffic garden, a dedicated space where kids can learn how to ride their bikes. The traffic garden will have a marked streetscape for practicing balancing and pedaling, and kids will be able to learn the rules of the road and trails on simulated surfaces. We teach over 3,000 kids how to ride safely each year as parents are teaching their own children. Why should there be dedicated spaces for every other outdoor activity—fields and courts and playgrounds—but none in which kids can develop bike skills?

After a great deal of searching, we still haven’t found a landowner willing to allow a full traffic graden with plantings, curbs, and other amenities integrated into the best models. However, the National Park Service will allow us to redesign a space in Alexandria as a pilot version. To get that done, we need to design and build the traffic garden ourselves.

Estimated need to build a traffic garden: $3,000 in supplies, plus volunteer support. Donate now!

WABA’s Fall Education Season, in Photos


The last leaf has fallen on the youth bicycle education tree! We wrapped up our fall in-school bicycle education classes last week at Washington Yu Ying Public Charter School.

This calendar year alone,WABA has shared the joys of bicycling with 3,425 students in the District’s public and public charter schools.  We’ll be back after winter break in more schools, to teach more students, and with (hopefully) more bikes!

Want to help us get more bikes so that we can teach more kids? Vote for us in the Do the Kind Thing contest!

If you are the parent of a child in a D.C. public school or public charter school in grades kindergarten through 6th and would like to bring WABA’s Youth Bike Education program to your child’s school, let us know! We will get in touch with the school’s PE teacher about spring classes.

Bruce Monroe Elementary 10/7/13

Janney Elementary

Janney Elementary


Our adult programming has also finished up for the season. While it’s satisfying to cross off the final fall class on our education chalkboard, there’s certainly no erasing the experiences of 373 adults who attended WABA’s bicycle education classes this year. Some were learning to ride for the first time, while others fine-tuned their skills as long-term commuters. WABA’s Education Department provides confidence and knowledge that D.C, Maryland, and Virginia residents can use to enjoy their trips on two wheels.

See you in the spring!


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