Advertise Your Event

The WABA Promoted Events program is a way for interested parties to gain access to WABA’s communication channels in order to promote events that square with WABA’s mission to better bicycling in the D.C. region. Our platforms for Promoted Events—which include our website and monthly email newsletter—are seen by over 43,000 people, guaranteeing that information about your event will reach WABA’s considerable number of members and supporters.

Apply Now

WABA no longer lists events for free.

As of 2014, the event partnership program has two tiers:

$150 Level

  • Listing on our events page (text only)
  • Listing on our events Google calendar (text only)
  • Up to three consecutive months in WABA’s Upcoming Events email blast (here’s a sample)  to roughly 25,000 people. (text only)
  • We have an automated process that pushes the most current events in our calendar (including promoted events) to  the front page of Because of the automation, we can’t guarantee when or for how long your listing will appear on our homepage, but it will show up there a few days before your event.

$500 Level

  • The same as above, but with your logo or photo (1200x630px, not too much text) included on the events page and in email blasts.

Payment and information about your event is required in advance. Once we receive your payment and all necessary materials, we’ll move forward with promotion through the Promoted Events program.

To submit a Promoted Event application, please fill out this form.

About WABA’s Promoted Event Channels: Our website ( averages 6,500 page views per week; our events page ( averages 200 page views per week; and our monthly email blasts reach over 53,000 members and supporters.

Questions? email or call (202) 518-0524 x201.