Matthew Henson Trail Crossing at Viers Mill Road is Still Deadly

On Sunday July 17th, Oscar Mauricio Gutierrez Osorio, 31 of Silver Spring, was killed crossing Viers Mill Road in Silver Spring where the Matthew Henson Trail crosses a high speed Maryland State Highway, according to the Washington Post. The exact details of the deadly crash involving Mr. Osorio are not public, but the trail crossing is […]

How to bike during SafeTrack

We’re still working on our SafeTrack programming. Keep checking back for nifty new things! Got an idea? Let us know.    Want to avoid crowded highways and crowded train platforms while Metro undertakes its Safetrack program? Check your brakes, pump up your tires, and give biking a try! We’ve got maps, events, classes, convoys and all sorts […]

Negatives into Positives: A PAL Story

Preface I lead a wonderful group called the PAL Ambassadors. PAL stands for Predictable, Alert, Lawful. It is a cooperative program between Washington Area Bicyclist Association and BikeArlington to promote street safety and responsible behavior, while building a fun, volunteer-based community of ambassadors. It is fun and EXTREMELY effective at making the region more safe. […]

Montgomery Co. Transportation Forum on May 29th

As Montgomery County continues to grow, what are the county’s best approaches to transportation and development for a more sustainable and equitable future? Join Coalition for Smarter Growth, WABA and WAMU reporter Martin DiCaro to learn what the candidates for County Council think about these critical and interconnected issues. Candidates will be prepared to discuss […]

Women & Bicycles

Women & Bicycles began because 26% of cyclists identifying as female is too low a number. We formed to empower, educate, and encourage women/trans/femme identifying bicycle-riding persons in the DC, Virginia, and Maryland metro areas. The Women & Bicycles program is centered on a peer-to-peer experience that inspires women to bike, participate, teach, advocate, and lead in […]