WABA Ride Marshal Resources


Sweet Ride Training (voice)

Sweet Ride Training (text)

Marshal Manual

Please review this manual before each time you marshal a WABA event.


You can find digital versions of the routes at waba.org/sweetroutes.

Rider Guide

2019 Sweet Ride Rider Guide

Other Resources

  • What to do after a crash: Please read this guide so you can best assist riders when they need it most.
  • City Cycling: If you haven’t yet taken a WABA City Cycling class, please try to get one soon (we have spring and fall seasons of classes)! They are free for WABA members.
  • ABC Quick Checkrefresh your memory of this important pre-ride ritual.
  • Helmet Fit: make sure you know how to fit a helmet properly.
  • Intersectional Positioning: set an example for safe bicycling by using these techniques.
  • Sharing a Road: be a predictable and safe road user.
  • Sharing a Trail: be courteous to other trail users.