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Bike Valets


Since 2005 WABA has been providing bike valet services for events in the DC area such as the 2009 Presidential Inauguration, the National Cherry Blossom Festival, Alexandria Waterfront Festival, Green Apple Music Festival, and the Taste of Arlington.

By providing this service to the public WABA hopes to make the decision to go by bike safer, simpler, and more enjoyable.

How does it work? Show up at the WABA valet station, hand over your bike to the smiling volunteer attendant and enjoy the event. Our volunteer attendants will be there during the duration of the event to keep an eye on your bike until your return. WABA's bike valet is the best way to remove the hassle of traffic and parking from your day.

Can WABA provide a bike valet for my event?

We would love to provide a bike valet for your event. The fee WABA charges to host a bike valet is based on numerous factors such as size of the event, duration of the event, and location of the event. If you are interested in having WABA provide a bike valet for your event, contact WABA at events@waba.org.

I still don't get it. What is a bike valet?

The Bike Valet works just like a coat check. Hand the attendant your bike, and they will give you a claim ticket with a number that matches the number on the ticket attached to your bike. Your bike remains safe with WABA under the supervision of our trusted attendant. In over 4 years of service we have never had a bike stolen under our supervision and plan to keep it that way.

Trust us, we're professionals!

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With 35 years of advocacy experience under our belts, people know and trust The Washington Area Bicyclist Association. People are less inclined to ride their bikes if they feel their bicycle will not be safe. Using a bike valet gaurantees that not only the bike stays safe, but so do any accessories attached to the bike. Helmet, water bottle, lights, all these things will stay safe and on your bike when you use our valet service. Hire the organization the DC cycling community trusts the most.

Reduce traffic, increase participation, and promote safe cycling at your event

The DC area is notoriously bad when it comes to traffic, so why encourage it? Let your participants know they won't be spending half their Saturday crawling along 495 or searching for parking. By giving your participants a viable alternative to sitting in grid lock traffic you will boost attendance at your event. In addition, WABA provides a plethora of safe cycling guides, are bike maps, and other free safety education literature at every valet station.

Expect the best

Our bike valet is full service and worry free. WABA takes care of set-up and take down at the beginning and end of each event. All you need to do is give us some space and mention the bike valet service when advertising for your event. In addition, each valet has bicycle repair essentials. This means our valet attendants can take care of any flat tires, loose handle bars, or unlubed chains to get participants home safely.

**Contact events@waba.org to get a bike valet at your event.



Volunteer With WABA

Got some free time? Want to help support better bicycling in the DC area? WABA is always looking for volunteers to help keep the valet service running efficiently. Contact volunteer@waba.org for more information on how you can help or to volunteer for a specific event.


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