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DC Bike Ambassador

What’s a Bike Ambassador?

WABA's Bike Ambassador Program is a bicycle outreach and encouragement program esigned to promote safe bicycling for fun, for fitness and for transportation to everyone in DC. The program is made possible through our partnership with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT).

The goals of the DC Bike Ambassador program are:

  • Encourage more DC residents and visitors to try bicycling for fun, fitness and transportation.
  • Educate bicyclists, drivers and pedestrians on the safe use of roads, sidewalks and trails.
  • Reduce barriers that prevent people from bicycling.
  • Provide resources to make the choice to go by bike an easy and safe one.
  • Model good behavior and respectful, safe road use for everyone.

Who are the DC Bike Ambassadors?

The DC Bike Ambassadors are volunteer educators and enthusiasts who work to bring better bicycling to the people of the District. Bike Ambassadors love bikes, have an enthusiastic personality, and effective communication skills.

More than ever before, bicycling is an integral part of the transportation system in DC and the Bike Ambassadors are a key component in bringing the benefits of bicycling—reducing congestion, improving personal and environmental health, saving money, making streets safer—to a broader audience.

What does a Bike Ambassador do?

We can be spotted all around the District of Columbia, engaging with people about bikes through:

The goals of the DC Bike Ambassador program are:

  • Information tables and one-on-one engagement at community events and health fairs.
  • Providing bike maps, info, and encouragement to riders at bike hot spots around the city.
  • Riding alongside trails and major bike infrastructure acting as a "roll" model.
  • Pulling the bike ambassador trailer – our bike outreach billboard on wheels!

Check out the bike ambassador calendar to see where we are heading next, or take a peek at the WABA blog.

How can I become a Bike Ambassador?

The first step to becoming a Bike Ambassador is to love bicycling! You don't need to be an expert about cycling, just an expert of your own experience. We will equip you with the tools you need to serve as a bike ambassador.

To get involved, attend an upcoming new bike ambassador orientation, held on the third Tuesday of each month at the WABA office. Check the bike ambassador calendar to find a date that works for your schedule and sign-up here.

Request a Bike Ambassador

Whether you are hosting a community event, run an organization, or just want to promote safe cycling on your block, the Bike Ambassadors are eager to work with you! Simply fill out this form or send an email to dcba@waba.org describing your event and we'll get in touch with you as soon as

Please include:

  • The name of your organization/company.
  • A description of the event.
  • The date and time.
  • A sentence or two telling us how you'd like the Bike Ambassador to fit in with your event.

Unfortunately, not all event requests can be filled and we ask for your understanding if we decline. We are currently unable to attend any events outside of the District of Columbia.

Want to learn more?

Contact the DC Bike Ambassador Program Coordinator Megan McCarty at (202) 518-0524 x200 or email megan.mccarty@waba.org.


Bike Ambassador Photos

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Request a Bike Ambassador at your event.

Fill out this online form to request a DC Bike Ambassador at your next event. Only requests for events in the District of Columbia please.



Interested in becoming a volunteer Bike Ambassador?

Fill out this online form to be contacted about the next upcoming training


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