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Bikes on Transit


All  1,450 Washington D.C. region buses are equipped with racks to carry up to 2 bikes per bus. There is no fee for bringing a bike on a bus or on Metrorail. Unlike Metrorail, bikes are allowed on buses even during rush hours. 

learn how to put your bike on a bus>>


Bicycles are allowed on the trains on weekdays (except high ridership times: 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.) as well as all day on weekends and certain federal holidays. Bicyclists must use the elevators (not escalators).  Bicyclists should enter Metro from either end of the car (not through center doors). Visit WMATA's site for more information>>

Most Metro-rail Stations have bicycle racks and/or lockers. Racks are free and available on a first-come, first served basis. Many stations also have bicycle lockers which you can rent for $70 a year. To rent a locker, call 202-962-1116. Visit WMATA's site for more information>>

Arlington Transit Bike on ART

Each ART bus has a two-place bike rack that will hold standard length bicycles. Bikes ride free with the ART passenger.  This can be an easy way to meet your friends across town for a ride, extend your riding horizons,  get home if you have a flat, or take your bike for maintenance.  ART Bike on Bus Program website>>

Fairfax county Connector Bike-n-ride

As of October of 2007, 100 percent of the Fairfax Connector bus fleet has been equipped with bicycle racks.


300 state-of-the-art bike racks have been purchased and installed.  Each bus is equipped with a front-mounted rack capable of carrying two bicycles. There is no fee for bringing a bike on a bus. Fairfax Connector website>>

Ride on Buses (Montgomery County)

Bicycle racks are mounted on the front of most Ride On buses. Each rack holds two bikes. Let the bus driver know you will be using the rack, then follow the instructions posted on the from of the rack. For more information, call (240) 777-7433.

Baltimore Metro Subway, Light Rail and Bus

Bicycles are permitted on Light Rail and Metro subway trains except for two hours before and after events held at Camden Yards. Bicycles are not allowed on MTA buses. Most Metro subway and Light Rail stops have bicycle racks and some have lockers. For more information call (800) 543-9809 and check out MTA's bike brochure (pdf)>>

MARC Trains

The only bicycles that can be taken on MARC trains are folding bicycles (a bicycle with a frame that folds and wheels come together) fully enclosed in a suitable carrying case. All other bicycles are not allowed on MARC Trains; however, most MARC stations have bicycle parking. For more information call (800) 325-RAIL. http://www.mtamaryland.com/marc/marc.asp

Virginia Railway Express

Full sized bicycles are no longer allowed on VRE trains, only folding bikes are allowed.  Most VRE stations have bicycle parking. View VRE's policies>>

Park-and-Ride Lots

Many areas Park-and-Ride Lots have bicycle racks and some have lockers. For more information contact the appropriate county ride share office or call Commuter Connections (800) 745-RIDE. www.commuterconnections.org


On some Amtrak trains you can roll your bike up to the train and secure it in a bike rack, unboxed. Onboard bike space is limited and is not available on all trains. On some trains you can check your bike as baggage. Not all stations or trains have checked baggage service. View AMTRAK bike policies>>

What if I need to get home in an emergency?

The Commuter Connections Guaranteed Ride Home Program provides emergency rides home to people who bicycle or take other alternative transportation to work. To sign up, call 1-800-745-RIDE or register on-line on the Commuter Connections web site: www.commuterconnections.org


Commuter Assistance

Have you always wanted to try biking to work, but didn't know how to get there? WABA offers a free Commuter Assistance service to our members. Click here to find out how someone can help you find a great route>>

WMATA Metro Rail and Bus Maps

Go to maps>>

Bike Shops

These shops are the backbone of the cycling community. As a WABA member, you receive discounts at most of the area's bike shops. Locally owned and locally operated, they are the best retail option for biking in the Washington Area-and, they support the bicycling community with donations and event sponsorship


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