Meet Elizabeth Kiker, WABA’s next Executive Director

by Kira Marchenese, President of WABA’s Board of Directors

I’m thrilled to announce that Elizabeth Kiker will begin as WABA’s Executive Director on April 18. Elizabeth brings a passion for transportation equity, deep roots in the world of bicycling, and a wealth of experience helping nonprofits grow to meet the needs of their communities. 

Elizabeth is no stranger to WABA, either. She’s been a member for years, and in her work at House of Ruth served along with our own Jeremiah Lowery as a member of the DC Transportation Equity Network’s steering committee. You may have seen her pedaling over the Key Bridge to work in the morning, or enjoying the Capital Crescent Trail on a weekend afternoon. 

Prior to returning to DC, Elizabeth led Seattle’s advocacy group, the Cascade Bicycle Club, through an important moment of growth and a new strategic plan. Before that, she served as a senior leader at the League of American Bicyclists. We look forward to having such a seasoned manager and leader at the helm of WABA as we begin our next chapter.

I’m sure many of you are eager to meet Elizabeth. After spending a lot of time with her over the last couple of months, I can report that that she’s eager to meet you, too! We’ll give her a few weeks to get comfortable in her new role, then she’ll be out and about at a number of WABA’s bike month events. We hope you’ll come out, too, and say hello! 

If you have questions about the hiring process or WABA’s Strategic Plan, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for supporting WABA!