We made major progress in the FY24 D.C. Budget

You did it — you testified, lobbied, signed petitions, and you rallied asking the D.C. Council to reverse the Mayor’s transportation cutbacks, and because of your efforts we made major progress this FY24 budget season. 

Here is what we did:

  • The Mayor’s budget included no funds for Metro for DC— and now the Council changed the FY24 budget to include funding to start our free bus system in Washington, DC.
  • The Mayor’s budget dropped a protected bike lane on K St (between 20th Street and 12th Street NW) —  and now the Council FY24 budget removes most of the funding for K street transitway project and requests that the Mayor go back to the planning stages. 
  • The Mayor’s budget removed a dedicated funding source for Vision Zero legislation as well as future bike, pedestrian and bus projects — and now the Council reconnected future Automated Traffic Revenue to fund Vision Zero legislation as well as future bike, pedestrian and bus projects.
  • The Mayor’s budget did not include funding for a E-bike rebate program— and now the Council has fully funded a E-bike rebate program for D.C. residents

We want to thank Council Member Charles Allen and the Transportation & the Environment committee for moving us forward this budget season and reversing most of what was originally lost in the Mayor’s budget. 

Each and every budget season going forward, our team will be fighting alongside you to ensure we never lose funding for these programs again.

—Jeremiah Lowery
Advocacy Director