Newsletter: Happy Bike to Work Day

Happy Friday! 

I hope your cravings for bananas, green t-shirts, and bits and bobs of bike swag have all been satisfied. We’ve got a short newsletter today because the WABA office is a bit hectic this morning. 

Here are some things to look forward to:

And if you’re not already a WABA member, join today!

A fun route idea for the weekend:

Let some air out of your tires and go explore the trails at Montgomery County’s Agricultural History Farm Park. It’s a short and mostly bike-laned ride from the Shady Grove Metro. 

You know when you’re out riding somewhere rural and you see a farm path that wanders along the edge of a field and then disappears mysteriously, invitingly, into the woods—but it’s private land and you’d feel weird about trespassing? 

The History Farm Park trails are all like that—little gateways on the edges of things that probably just go into the next field over, but also you feel like it might take you somewhere magical. It’s a beautiful, bumpy place to ride a bike. And you can stop at the barn and visit the goats.

Have a great weekend.