Newsletter: preparations and official recommendations

Welcome to WABA’s weekly newsletter! A reflection or two, events to check out, actions to take, and a weekend ride suggestion—all delivered fresh to your inbox around lunchtime on Friday because you weren’t going to get any more work done today anyway. You can check out past issues of this newsletter here, and manage all your emails from WABA with the link at the bottom of any email we’ve sent you.

Happy Friday and Happy New Year!

Batten down the hatches and stock up the pantry because a storm is a comin’. Not that a Saturday of gloopy cold rain is going to slow you down, but as we all know, precipitation has a poorly understood effect on the neural tissue of DC area drivers. The mere suggestion of wintry mix deactivates the common sense regions of the brain and generates a strange compulsion to drive to the grocery store and buy three months worth of milk and toilet paper. 

All this is to say, if you’re biking anywhere tomorrow, stay visible and vigilant. And consider it an official recommendation from WABA that you stop somewhere along the way for hot chocolate and a cookie. You deserve it.

Things to do this week

A Fun Route Idea For the Weekend

Looks like it’ll clear up on Sunday, so grab a thermos, head to the West Hyattsville Metro, take a spin on the brand new Rhode Island Avenue Trolley Trail, get a little mud on your tires and have coffee by the river. Note: The routes in this newsletter have not been vetted and tested by the careful team that plans WABA rides. Always use good judgement, bring your phone, and have a spare tube handy.

Have  a great weekend!