Newsletter: telling stories

One of the things that has really helped WABA change the transportation conversation over the past decade has been a robust and thoughtful local press. We’ve been really lucky to have reporters at most of the major regional media outlets that have taken the time to understand the dangerous designs and systemic injustices of our transportation network, and tell the stories of people who’ve been harmed by it. This isn’t a state of affairs we can take for granted, and it’s on my mind today as the news broke this morning that DCist is shutting down. It’s a real blow to local reporting, especially on the heels of cutbacks at the Post a few months ago. We’re deeply grateful for the depth of attention that DCist staff have paid to transportation issues over the years, and hope everyone lands on their feet.

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A Fun Route Idea For the Weekend

Take a spin through the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center and Greenbelt Park. This is basically all of the fun road bits of the Cider Ride, starting at the Greenbelt metro.