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Membership pays for itself: WABA members go the extra mile to support better biking in our region, and WABA business members support the community of bicyclists who are their customers and employees by offering extra perks to WABA members.

For Businesses

WABA members are a 6000+ strong community of passionate advocates working together towards a just and sustainable transportation system where walking, biking, and transit are the best ways to get around—including to your business! As a participating business in the WABA Member Extras program, you have the opportunity to offer a discount of your choosing to current WABA members to demonstrate your support for better biking and walking in our region and incentivize members to shop with you again and again. 

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For Members

Thank you for being a WABA member—we appreciate you! Below are the year-round perks and discounts that come with your membership. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please drop us a like at

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Bike Shops

From first bikes to quick flat fixes, local bike shops are the hub of the bicycling community and the resources that keep us rolling. Save $15 on a tune-up every year at the participating shops, and connect with the community of local leaders who support better bicycling beyond the doors of their shop.

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