DDOT Clarifies Status of Anacostia Riverwalk Trail Link

Last month, we wrote here about DDOT’s failure to provide, via the new 11th Street Bridge, a direct connection for the east and west sides of the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail. Councilmember Tommy Wells’ staff followed up with DDOT to ensure that trail access would be included in the construction of the new bridge. DDOT responded thusly:
To clarify, there WILL be a direct connection from the bridge to the trail on the east side of the river.  DDOT will build a temporary path connecting to the existing path (which links directly to Good Hope Rd and the Riverwalk Trail).  This is a temporary solution because DC Water will be working on the site long term as part of the Clean Rivers Project.  When finished, DC Water will build a permanent ADA-compliant trail in its place. As for the width of the sidewalk on the bridge itself, there will a 12 foot wide clear space between the railing and the outside wall for bicyclists and pedestrians to use.
Many thanks to DDOT and Councilmember Wells’ staff for their assistance with this important connection for cyclists and pedestrians.