Women & Bicycles Tip: The Box Turn

e6MXyK7ObZyMVaWZ7KTNlYi1U8M0BlyNV1r6XhihuwIThis entry is part of our Women & Bicycles Bi-Weekly Tips series. Women & Bicycles is WABA’s outreach and encouragement initiative to build a stronger women’s bike community and get more women on bikes. Click here to learn more and get involved.   The Box Turn is an essential tool for every urban bicyclist to execute worry-free lefthand turns! The box turn made me much more confident on a bike when I first moved to D.C. (when I was still absolutely terrified to bike in streets with cars), and is a helpful maneuver I still use almost every day. When turning left at major intersections, my thought process—often last-minute—used to be “Oh my goodness, how on earth am I going to merge across three lanes of traffic, at my pace, and try to make this light? I think that bus driver just honked at me—and, agh, I just realized there’s not even a green arrow!?” Thanks to a WABA group ride, I discovered the box turn, a simple and safe way to turn left at all kinds of intersections.   Box Turn Doodle How to Box turn:  1. As you approach the light, stay to the right hand side of your lane. 2. Bike straight through the intersection instead of turning left. 3. Stop as you approach the cross walk at the other side of the intersection and reposition yourself. 4. Proceed following the traffic light, worry-free. 5. Smile and wave to all the people in their cars stuck in traffic.      

And also, a video tutorial for your enjoyment.