2013 in WABA’s Photos

L Street Cycletrack Outreach

This was the best, most interesting photo on our Flickr account in February 2013.

Friend of WABA M.V. Jantzen put together a nifty app that allows one to explore a Flickr user’s “best” photos, based on Flickr’s “interestingness” rating (which combines views, favorites, and comments on uploaded photos). Here are the best photos on WABA’s own Flickr account, and here are the best photos from WABA’s Flickr pool, to which you might graciously contribute! See the rest of the year’s best photos from WABA’s Flickr account below the jump.

March DSCF9921

April Hey! We're in Bicycling magazine's June 2013 issue.

May Look at this guy

June We also set up an outreach table at Lumen8 to talk about WABA's work

July Bikes and Baseball  (14)

August Green Lanes Planner/Engineer Tour

September 2013 Park(ing) Day

October Halloween at WABA

November Giving thanks to the 98% of drivers who are doing it right. Compassionate, patient, understanding, courteous drivers, thanks for being awesome! We appreciate you! (Photo by George Newcomb).

December We <3 our volunteers! John (@rootchopper) sold the most memberships during October's membership drive, and @citybikesdc hooked him up with an awesome prize. Thanks!