Wow it’s so much more fun to ride my bicycle after that!

‘Wow it’s so much more fun to ride my bicycle after that!’ is essentially the essence of WABA’s City Cycling classes! Our City Cycling classes offer a relaxed, focused, and welcoming opportunity for beginner and experienced riders alike! After class we often hear students remarking how much better they feel riding their bike – how city streets, bike lanes, and trails aren’t such a big deal anymore and most of all, riding their bicycle is more fun than ever! And smiles, look at these smiles! Each City Cycling class offers two tracks that students can self-select into when they arrive to class. The basics track focuses on techniques to make your ride go as smoothly as possible. The advance track focuses on techniques to avoid uncommon, but occasional, sticky situations. At class you will have the opportunity to:
  • Feel more confident on a bicycle
  • Realize your bicycle dreams
  • Practice moves in a controlled space
  • Gain feedback from certified instructors (and give us feedback too!)
  • Make friends, go for a ride, and leave feeling like “Yeah, I can bike there now!”

“I entered this class thinking I would only learn a few things, but I ended up realizing that I had TONS of questions I wanted to ask them (and that they were happy to answer). I came away from the class feeling super knowledgeable and confident and eager to get riding!” – Feedback from a City Cycling Alumni

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