Tracy’s Story: It wasn’t until I got hit by a minivan…

Last week, we here at WABA announced an ambitious plan to triple the number of people riding bikes throughout the region over the next five years. You’re a part of that! But we need your help. At the end of this story we’ll ask you for a contribution, but before we get to that, we want to highlight one of our members and why she supports WABA:
I was born and raised here, and I’ve used a bicycle to get around since I was a teenager – because it’s so convenient and fun! Tracy! I’ve always been a confident cyclist. Growing up I wasn’t aware of WABA nor did I feel the need to be represented by a bicycle advocacy organization. However, seven years ago I was hit by a minivan on my first day at a new job. My pelvis was fractured in three places. The police report was a confusing jumble, and the driver’s insurer refused to accept any liability. WABA connected me with an attorney who ultimately won my case in civil court. I’m so grateful to WABA for supporting me through that tough time, and advocating on behalf of all of us – that’s why I donated a significant chunk of my case recovery money to WABA. Now I’m the mother of a toddler, and trying to be car-lite. WABA’s Women & Bicycles program has helped me build ongoing relationships with other mothers to exchange encouragement and tips about gear.  This ongoing resource is another reason why I donate through my employee giving program. My sustaining contributions show my appreciation for the way WABA sustains my freedom to bike. I’m also honored to serve my community as a member of the Mount Rainier City Council in Prince George’s County. From there, I’ve had a front-row seat to cheer on WABA as they take on not just the easy advocacy wins, but the challenges we need to confront in order to move the needle through WABA’s Prince George’s County Action Committee. I know that real leadership is hard, but WABA has it in spades – listening to the grassroots, empowering members, rejecting excuses, and being persistent. Their persistence has paid off. Biking in the region has improved drastically since I was sixteen, and I’m so grateful. Today, I can ride my Dutch cruiser on trails, bike lanes, and cycletracks almost everywhere I need to go. I’ve witnessed firsthand how WABA’s advocacy is key to making biking for transportation a real option. I hope you will join me in affirming your support for all the ways this organization serves us!
  100% of our time advocating is funded by thousands of bicyclists like you with stories like Tracy’s. Please contribute to WABA’s bold vision for better biking in 2016.

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