Fixing bikes, making friends at the Anacostia Public Library

20160611_131024   For the past three years the Anacostia Public Library has hosted bicycle maintenance clinics throughout the summer. On a Saturday in June, the library held its first clinic of the season. We’re pleased to report our friends at Velocity Co-Op, Gearing Up Bicycles, and The Bike House fixed about 30 bicycles and got them back on the road. More important than just getting the bikes road ready, the energetic group taught the bike owners how to perform some of the work on their own. By the end of the day, kids were putting air in their own tires, adults were putting new tires on their bikes and a master mechanic taught one adventurous child how to execute a proper “bunny-hop.” A special thanks goes out to Chrome Industries, Velocity Co-Op, Gearing Up Bicycles, and The Bike House for all their support and repair expertise. WABA is committed to making bicycling more accessible for residents of Ward 7 & Ward 8, and WABA is delighted that DC Public Library is a community partner once again this summer. If you would like to volunteer with the DC Bike Ambassadors please join WABA’s next outreach brainstorming session at the WABA offices on July 13th at 6 pm. Pizza and drinks will be provided courtesy of the DC Bike Ambassador program. If you would like to help with bicycle programming in Ward 7 & Ward 8 please contact Jon Gonzalez at