Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

WABA’s Board of Directors adopted this statement at its March 19, 2018 meeting.


WABA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create a healthy, more livable region by promoting bicycling for fun, fitness, and affordable transportation; advocating for better bicycling conditions and transportation options for a healthier environment; and educating children, adults, pedestrians, and motorists about safe bicycling and all of our rights to be and feel safe on our streets, paths, and other infrastructure. WABA believes that biking benefits all communities and envisions a region in which biking and bike advocacy are equally accessible to residents and visitors regardless of identity (e.g., racial/ethnic/cultural/religious groups, age, ability, language, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, familiar/parental status  and gender identity), geographic location, or approach to biking.


WABA envisions a region in which biking is joyful, safe, popular, and liberating for everyone. Our vibrant bicycle community mirrors the incredible diversity of the region and is supported by the necessary infrastructure, laws, activities, and investments to get around safely and conveniently by bike at all times.

Historical Inequality

WABA recognizes long-standing and current societal inequities that have their roots in generations of unjust structural barriers, policies, practices, attitudes, language and cultural messages have disproportionately impacted many minority groups.

Commitment to Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

WABA believes we must be intentional and transparent in our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity in order to achieve our ultimate objective—equal access to safe and fun bicycling throughout the region. To more fully accomplish our mission and live our values, we strive to make our commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity evident in our organizational structure and policies; advocacy, programs, and outreach activities; and in the composition of our board of directors, staff, donors, and membership. WABA is committed to building an environment where all people feel welcomed, seen, heard and treated fairly, and we, as staff and board of WABA, commit to the following values and principles to guide our work in bike advocacy, transportation planning, education, and outreach:
  • Institutional equity matters—WABA strives for diverse and inclusive internal practices to increase our institutional awareness and better advocate for the full spectrum of needs present in our vibrant bike community;
  • Barriers to safe and joyful biking are best removed through partnerships and strong collaborative relationships—WABA connects existing communities to a diverse and supportive network of people who bike, teach, advocate, and lead in the region’s bike movement to provide resources, information, and inspiration for locally led change; and
  • Intentional and transparent actions and targeted investments—whose contributions to equity, inclusion and diversity can be measured—are essential to continuous improvement and meaningful progress.


WABA will develop and maintain an action plan with clear accountability and metrics, including prioritizing budget allocations and staffing, which will result in measurable results on a yearly basis towards achieving our goals. In order to hold the Executive Director and the staff accountable for making measurable progress in meeting these goals on diversity, inclusion and equity, the Executive Director will annually present an update on the action plan to the board, identifying successes, barriers and recommended next steps.