Confident City Cycling

Saturday, June 6, 2020, 10:00 AM — Montgomery College Rockville

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Confident City Cycling teaches you the skills you need to ride safely and confidently on streets, bike lanes and trails alike.

This class is broken into two groups to accommodate different skill levels and interests. The Fundamentals track focuses on practicing basic bike handling skills such as shifting, scanning, signaling, gradual braking and weaving. Instructors discuss the importance of trail etiquette while riding on a multi-use path and answer any questions participants may have about trail riding for commuting or recreation.

The Confidence track teaches hazard avoidance maneuvers necessary while riding on the street and in heavily-trafficked areas. Participants learn skills such as the avoidance weave, quick stop, rock dodge, and instant turn, and discuss considerations for sharing space with other road users.

Each track ends the class with an on-street or on-trail group ride, where participants put their newly acquired skills to the test. Have any questions? Email us at education@waba.org

Class Details

Class Duration: 3 hours

Equipment: Participants are required to bring their own bicycle and helmet for this class. Bikes must be in good working order. Use a Capital Bikeshare bike and WABA will reimburse your usage fee for the duration of the class! Email education@waba.org for more details.

Cost: $10.00 and FREE for WABA members! Contact education@waba.org for a coupon code!

Registration Policy: Advance registration is preferred to secure your spot. Drop-ins are free (if space is available)! Be sure to show up for class 15 minutes before the start time. 

This class is brought to you thanks to the support of the Montgomery County Department of Transportation.

Class Location

850 Hungerford Dr, Rockville, MD 20850

WABA Instructors will be wearing teal polo shirts.

The closest public transportation stop to the class location is the Manakee Street bus stop, servicing buses 46, 55, Q6 and Q2*. The Rockville Metro Station is a 20 minute walk (0.9 mi) along Hungerford Drive.

*Q2 (Direction: Montgomery College – Rockville) is operational during weekdays

Metrobus- The first stop of the Q2 bus route is Silver Spring Station & Bus Bay 218 and the last stop is Montgomery Community College & W Campus Dr.