Introducing…pay-what-you-can membership

As WABA continues to grow, so does our ability to engage with our supporters — you! We want anyone to be able to join our community, regardless of their financial resources. And, we want to be better able to celebrate the people who dig deep and give generously to WABA. With that, we are proud to introduce our new pay-what-you-can membership model

Here’s what that means: if you give to WABA, we’ll count you as a member and show up for (and with!) you in the offices of our elected officials, on our trails, and as we fight for every mile of a great place to ride a bike.

It also means more ways to show your WABA pride and more ways to get involved. Take a look at all this good stuff!

Membership LevelPrice Point*Extras
Digital Member$Pay-what-you-can/month
$1-$59 or Volunteer 3 times anywhere
Access to member-only events and member rates for WABA Fundraising rides.
Classic Member$6/month
$60-$119 or Volunteer with WABA 3 times
+ all the Membership Swag: access to ride registration, Member Extras, Bike Shop coupon, and the ability to add an additional adult to your membership
+ t-shirt and socks
+ jersey and a Classic membership to gift
+ free ride registration to a WABA fundraising ride and a call with an advocate
+ regular personal communication from WABA leadership
*Paying your membership dues monthly helps keep WABA financially sound throughout the year and helps us better plan for future campaigns and projects. When you make a monthly payment to WABA, we never ask for an additional gift and your membership never expires for the duration of your gift. If you prefer to pay your dues annually, your membership will expire one year after the gift date.

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Does this change my current membership status?

No. If you’re a WABA member, you’ll remain a current member in good standing until your membership expires. If we goofed, we’ll fix it — let us know at (Thank you in advance for your patience as we push our database to new limits!).

What if I’m…

An auto-renewing member: You’ll continue with your auto-renewing dues at the same amount until you change the amount or cancel (email me to do either). If you start a new recurring gift, you will have the option to designate it towards membership or full tax-deductibility.

A two-year member: Your two-year membership will remain current until your membership expiration. We won’t offer two-year membership moving forward, but setting up a recurring gift makes it easy to keep your membership current for keeps.

A Life member: You remain a Life member and will receive Classic membership benefits. If you donate any amount, your Life membership will override any new membership level.

A family member: You’ll remain a family member through your current membership’s expiration. Family membership will be incorporated into the new membership tiers next month. We’ll have the ability to add an additional adult and up to four children to the primary member’s membership at a reduced cost.

A donor through a third party: If you give to WABA through your workplace or a donor-advised fund, we will finally be able to capture your membership through these third party gifts. Depending on the size of your gift, we will provide a Digital or Classic membership.

Tax Deductibility: 

When you sign up, you’ll have the option to choose a fully tax-deductible gift (no physical benefits, but lots of good feelings) or if you want to receive all the goodies at that level. If you choose to have your gift include membership benefits, a certain amount at each level will be tax-deductible, which we’ll note in your confirmation email. If you choose full tax-deductibility, we’ll count you as a Digital member. 

If you have questions, comments, thoughts, drop us a line at If you’re ready to sign up, head on over to