The Vision Zero Fund

Included in the committee report is a legislative act that would dedicate ALL new Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) revenue towards funding + implementing the Vision Zero Bill. 

And not only that, that funding will continue beyond the full implementation of the bill–meaning dedicated funding for infrastructure/safety improvements, road design, bike lanes, sidewalk repair and expansion, etc.

This is a major change. 

So needs to happen next?

Two things need to happen next. 

1. All the budget recommendations coming out of the committee need to be included in the full Council budget, and the Council needs to pass that budget with no changes 

2. The legislative act creating the vision zero fund is called the “ATE System Revenue Designation Amendment Act of 2021” and it must be added as an amendment to the Budget Support Act and the Council needs to pass that as well. 

To do both of these things we need you to take action!

Take action to demand a future where we fully fund and implement legislation that will move us towards vision zero! Read the full Fiscal Year 2022 Transportation and the Environment Committee Report here.