Demand Action on Connecticut Ave!

This action is no longer active. Please visit our action center for current actions you can take.

Do you want a protected bike lane on Connecticut Avenue from Woodley Park to Maryland? We do too. So do dozens of businesses, organizations, and every single ANC on the corridor. Heck, the DC Council already allocated money to design and build it. And yet.

Here’s where we are: The District Department of Transportation has spent nearly two years on a comprehensive study of removing the Connecticut Ave reversible lanes and adding protected bike lanes. It’s been complete since July, but no one has seen it. At a public event in September, DDOT Acting Director Everett Lott said he just needed to have a meeting with the Mayor before announcing a decision and making the plan public. At his confirmation hearing in October, he said the same thing.

This is ridiculous. 

DDOT has presented two different visions for Connecticut Ave. One vision makes the road safer for everyone—people walking, biking, taking transit, even driving. The other keeps the road just for cars and, by DDOT’s own admission, will not advance the city’s Vision Zero goals.

The Mayor and Director Lott need to choose a safer Connecticut Ave that puts people first. The status quo is untenable, and the consequences of delay are measured in trips to the hospital and lives forever changed. 

We’ve seen politics hold up important safety projects for years—the Eastern Downtown Protected Bike Lane project on 9th St. NW sat in the Mayor’s office from 2017 until this summer. We’re not going to let that happen again.

Use this form to email the Mayor’s Office, DDOT, and Council Transportation Committee Chair Mary Cheh to ask them to stop delaying this project.

Left, artists rendering of potential protected bike lanes on Connecticut Ave NW and right, bird’s eye view (source DDOT)