We demand streets that don’t kill people.

This action is no longer active. Please visit our action center for current actions you can take.

Drivers killed three people on bikes in July. Traffic violence has taken 23 lives (so far) in 2022. It took 40 in 2021. Our city’s transportation system is broken, and it’s killing people. The Mayor and the DC Council have the power to change that.  

The tools to make our streets less deadly are readily available. They are well tested. They are in use in cities across the country and around the world. 

We don’t have them here because our elected leaders cannot summon the nerve to inconvenience drivers by reclaiming space on our streets for people outside of cars, and that’s unacceptable.

There are a host of legislative and policy actions that could begin making our streets safer right away. Here’s what we’re asking our elected officials to do:

  1. Transform the District’s Transportation System. Immediately.
    1. Eliminate the Level of Service engineering standard for road and intersection design decisions.
    2. Accelerate buildout of the Transportation Master Plan—complete the MoveDC bike, walk and transit networks by 2026.
  2. Use every tool available to eliminate dangerous driver behavior
    1. Introduce legislation that penalizes companies whose drivers behave dangerously when using a company-issued vehicle
    2. Introduce legislation and policies to develop consistent, rapid enforcement mechanisms that maximize behavior change without the use of armed law enforcement, and that redistribute any revenue directly to public transit or traffic calming measures on dangerous intersections. 
  3. Hold agencies and companies accountable for failing to implement or enforce existing policies that save lives:
    1. Side underrun protection requirements for all trucks and trailers that conduct business in D.C. 
    2. Safe accommodations at construction sites
  4. Pass and fully implement the Safer Streets Amendment Act (B24-0673), including the entirety of the Walk Without Worry Act (B24-0566).
  5. Fully fund and implement the Vision Zero Enhancement Omnibus Act passed in 2020.