Meet sangam ‘alopeke, WABA’s new Vision Zero Outreach Coordinator

Hi y’all! My name is sangam ‘alopeke – I’m the new Vision Zero Outreach Coordinator here at WABA and I am very excited to be joining the team!

I am coming to WABA from a background of activism at the intersections of disability justice and healthcare. I have helped organizations develop tools to put their values into action; I have spearheaded campaigns for more equitable healthcare access; I have worked extensively as an educator giving people the skills to take control of their own health.

My work has focused heavily in the past on the way inequitable systems affect marginalized communities, and joining WABA is for me a logical extension of that work. Disabled communities, together with poor communities and communities of color, are disproportionately impacted by inadequate and unsafe transit access. Especially in the past few years as fatalities from traffic violence have spiked, the need for radical change in the way we look at safe streets has become more and more pressing to me.

I’m very glad to be joining WABA’s advocacy work towards safer streets in our city. If you want to connect, I can be reached at