Provide Feedback for the Alexandria West Plan

Survey closes 6/7


The City of Alexandria released draft objectives for the Alexandria West Plan, and needs your feedback. Feedback can be submitted here. For each section, you can select Looks good to me or Add or change the objectives as follows. In the Transportation section, we recommend selecting Add or change and including a comment based on the points below. Feel free to edit based on your own priorities and experiences.

The objectives should:

  • Include dedicated center-running bus lanes and separated and continuous walking and biking facilities. The existing Beauregard Plan would only allocate only 10-foot wide shared use paths for people walking and biking – standards for for this area should be updated to incorporate dedicated and separated facilities.
  • Explicitly name improving transportation equity by reducing car dependence as an objective. Car travel is an important transportation option, but dependence on expensive privately-owned vehicles disproportionately burdens low-income Alexandrians.

The link to share feedback is here. For additional feedback suggestions, consider using YIMBYs of Northern Virginia’s recommended feedback as a guide.