Comment on the Draft Langston Boulevard Area Plan

Survey closes 7/30


Arlington County is looking for your feedback on its Draft Langston Boulevard Area Plan. Regarding transportation, Langston Boulevard will be redesigned into a Complete Street that better serves all modes of travel. Improved bus services, protected bicycle lanes, and wider, buffered sidewalks with shade trees will create a safer and more conducive environment for walking and biking. Reducing speed limits and driveways along the corridor will support the Vision Zero goal to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries caused by collisions. The ultimate goal is the creation of a Green Main Street.

The public comment period closes July 30th – read on below for our suggestions.

The survey is quite lengthy and broken up into several sections that will ask you to indicate how comfortable or uncomfortable you are with the listed policies. We encourage you to mark ‘Very Comfortable’ to all the policies in the Transportation Network and Complete Streets, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Facilities sections. Other sections are up to you but we also encourage you to read through and voice your support and/or comment.

Transportation Network

  • Transform Langston Boulevard into a multimodal corridor that facilitates the safe movement of all users.
  • Through redevelopment, provide new street and pedestrian pathway connections to extend or better connect the existing street grid.
  • Seek opportunities to simplify the layout of intersections to improve safety and operations, particularly at irregular and complex intersections.
  • Through redevelopment, provide new alleys or service roads to accommodate parking access, service deliveries and loading, pedestrian and bicycle circulation, and shared property access while minimizing and consolidating driveways.
  • Reallocate roadway space to prioritize pedestrian and bicycle safety and comfort over vehicle volumes and speed.
  • Incorporate principles of biophilic design and green infrastructure as the transportation network is improved and modified.

Complete Streets, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Facilities 

  • Promote undergrounding or relocating utilities along Langston Boulevard and major cross streets.
  • Improve access to the trail network with key pedestrian and bicycle linkages.
  • Apply a Complete Streets approach to the redevelopment of the Core Study Area.
  • Enhance the experience for people who walk, bike, and ride scooters along the corridor by providing dedicated facilities.
  • Improve pedestrian and cyclist crossings of Langston Boulevard with protected crossings where appropriate and seek opportunities to minimize the distance between marked pedestrian crossings.
  • Provide enhanced bicycle infrastructure along Langston Boulevard eastward from North Lexington Street.
  • Improve parallel bicycle routes through adjoining neighborhoods.
  • Complete the bicycle network in the Planning Area as proposed in the Transportation element of Arlington’s Comprehensive Plan

A full list of resources is available below: