Why bike lanes?

What does having low stress mean to you in your life? Maybe it’s a feeling of control, a sense of knowing what’s to come, or an overall calm. Whatever it is, we know you can’t live a low stress life if you’re constantly worried about your safety. We see a future where you, your kids, nephews, nieces or grandkids, can all get where you need to go safely, easily, and happily on bikes, but we need your support to make it happen. Will you start your WABA membership and join the fight for a low stress city to bike in?

It’s been a busy year for the Low Stress Network Campaign, and just this summer we’ve been supporting projects like:

  • A 19th St. NE protected bike lane from C Street NE to Benning Road
  • Jennifer & 44th St. NW protected bike lanes from Western Ave to 43rd Street 
  • A Riggs Rd protected bike lane from Met Branch Trail to South Dakota Ave

The Low Stress Network campaign brings together local advocates, which is why earlier this month we launched our “I Bike, I Buy Stuff” campaign in partnership with Ward 3 Bicycle Advocates to remind business owners on Connecticut Ave that many of their customers are people who bike. Will you help support a Low Stress Network for DC?

Of course, while the Low Stress Network campaign is specific to DC, we’re fighting for bike lanes all around our region. In Maryland, earlier this year we helped get a $23 million project for protected bike lanes on Georgia Avenue, from the beltway to 16th St. We also testified for Amherst Avenue Separated Bike Lanes, and recommended they widen them. In Virginia, later today we’re biking to celebrate the progression of the Crystal City Bike Network, which will not only build out bike lanes and pedestrian infrastructure, but address concerns with frequent blocking of existing lanes. 

It’s not just important that we get projects approved, but that they get done and done right. Will you help us get bike lane projects across the finish line?

Pedal on!