Meet Alyssa Proudfoot Siegel, WABA’s new DC Organizer

Alyssa Proudfoot Siegel is so excited to begin her new DC Organizer role at WABA with a bang. After biking around DC for almost four years, she’s fallen in love with the district and her little biking community, and is excited to make Washington DC a better place to get around and exist for everyone.

Coming from national advocacy at the League of American Bicyclists, she’s looking forward to connecting even more to cyclists in the heart of her community. She is far from a stranger to the DC biking scene though– she founded Radical Joy Riding in 2022 as a WTF-focused, accessible biking group in DC, and has organized skill shares, beginner rides, and overnights to inspire marginalized cyclists to do what feels good in their bodies. As an organizer with DC Bike Party and Bikes Not Bombs DC, Alyssa continually strives to be the human embodiment of a no-drop ride. She believes that bikes can save the world, and whether she’s tinkering with her next bike project, teaching Smart Cycling classes, or leading biking adventures, she’s always chasing that bike-utopia dream. 

A Bay Area native who ended up learning how to wrench and winter bike in Minneapolis, Alyssa now literally only knows how to talk about bikes. She coordinated a free bike repair program during the George Floyd protests in the Twin Cities through Recovery Bike Shop, and was also a mechanic at the largest bike distribution and repair camp at Burning Man. She is a contributing writer for Grease Rag Ride & Wrench Zines and occasionally partners with All Bodies on Bikes.