Unlocking new adventures

by Anna McCormally, Development Director

Biking across the city to a place I’ve never been before makes me feel like the player character in a cozy video game, exploring a new level for the first time. I’m excited—a little nervous— usually confident I can take on the challenge of navigating an unfamiliar route. When I arrive wherever it is I’m going, l hop off my bike and can almost hear the victorious chime celebrating my triumph. The confidence, the freedom, the delight of exploring somewhere new on my bike, are possible because WABA members have spent decades building out a network of places to ride. 

In video games, there’s a convention where, when you reach a new place in the game-world, a new part of the game-map lights up. There’s a whole slew of new places to explore and adventure. That’s what happens every time a new protected bike lane goes in: we unlock a new segment of the map to explore.

Riding a route that’s newly available to me is often a series of “oh! THAT’S where that is!” moments as I arrive at a familiar intersection from a new angle, discover a trail connection, or see a brick and mortar storefront I have heard about but never visited in real life. It’s the work you and WABA do together that makes that possible. Your support is leveling up our region’s bicycling possibilities. 

WABA members are the heroes in my book. I’m excited to keep this quest for better bicycling across DC, Maryland, and Virginia with you in the new year.

Here’s to all the bicycling powerups to come!