Great Eskape x WABA present Coffee Outside: Downtown Edition

Monday, March 4, 2024, 8:00 AM

1211 Connecticut Ave NW

Mayor Bowser has been writing off a bunch of bike infrastructure projects based on the misguided belief that a large percentage of the folks supporting downtown businesses are in single-occupancy vehicles and that car traffic should be prioritized moving in and out of downtown. We know through data and through our own experience that this isn’t true.

As a part of the Mayor’s “Be Downtown” campaign, she’s offering a free cup of coffee to anyone who stops by Roasting Plant on Monday March 4th between 8-9am. What if we flooded the coffee shop with cyclists to show the mayor that there is demand for a safe cycling route into and around downtown?

Meet us at Metro Center (10th & G by the Capital Bikeshare Station) for a 7:45am rollout and mini group ride or show up directly at Roasting Plant (1211 Connecticut Ave NW) any time between 8-9am.