Tips for winter biking ❄️🚲🧊

DC has been on a weather rollercoaster with a snow-filled week followed by a day that might as well have been in mid May. What a whirlwind! Temperatures have returned to the 40’s and 50’s but dip into the 30’s at night. While we may be dreaming of spring riding days, winter is still here.

Maia Riggs, the WABA Advocacy Intern, has compiled some winter riding tips to get you through the remaining weeks of winter:

Dress properly!

  • A windbreaker is great to cut the sharp winds while speeding
  • Don’t forget your appendages! You will be extremely grateful for gloves and a hat.
  • Thick socks will prevent your feet from freezing
  • Fleece-lined leggings are always a good idea

Fuel Up!

  • Make sure to eat food to give your body energy to keep itself warm
  • Drink water before and after!

Be careful on the icy trails

  • Bring a quick patch kit in case of a tumble
  • Have an emergency contact handy
  • Check your tire pressure before every ride, air pressure is lost more quickly in cold temperatures.

Be mindful of early sunsets

  • Wear high-visibility vests or clothing to be seen at night
  • Be sure to install a light on your bike so you can see the road ahead of you!

To find out more about winter riding, you can view a WABA webinar from the Women & Bicycles team, or our WABA blog post on Riding in the Cold, with a focus on warmth and personal comfort.