Support Pro-Bicycling, Pro-Safety Maryland Legislation

This action is no longer active. Please visit our action center for current actions you can take.

It’s crunch time for the 2024 Maryland legislative session! Please communicate your support for critical bicycling/safety bills to your state senator and delegates.

We’re working to win favorable committee and floor votes on key bills in advance of the March 18 “crossover” deadline. If a bill hasn’t passed one chamber – the Senate or the House – by Monday, it’s unlikely to advance this year. The way to win votes is for you to get in touch with your representatives in Annapolis.


Please edit the message to include your personal thoughts, if you wish.

Here’s a run-down on key bills that you’ll see listed in the template message to legislators. That message will be automatically targeted, based on your address, to the legislators for your district. WABA and bicycling advocates statewide are backing and working to advance the following bills:

  • HB 511/SB 826, Bicycle Safety Yield will boost road safety by allowing a cyclist to move through a Stop sign without stopping, after yielding to pedestrians and motor vehicles that have the right of way. The bill is now on the House floor and awaiting Senate votes.
  • HB 111/SB 77, Bikes on Sidewalks would make allowing cyclist use of sidewalks the default statewide, a safety booster given narrow shoulders and the lack of bike lanes. The bill passed the House and is awaiting Senate votes.
  • HB 344/SB 345 would establish a Vision Zero Advisory Commission to advance progress on meeting the state commitment to eliminating road deaths and serious injuries. The bill is on the Senate floor but is awaiting House votes.

Other bills are awaiting committee votes, in some cases, delayed or complicated by amendments: 

  • HB 530/SB 645, The Great Maryland Trails Act, would establish a state Trails Office.
  • HB 135/SB 593 would establish a policy for bicyclists and pedestrians on state bridges.
  • HB 389/SB 514, tasking the State Highway Administration to assess maintenance needs and costs for sidewalks and bike paths along state roads.
  • SB 943, the Better Bus Service Act, allowing for bus-lane enforcement and prohibiting parking, standing, and stopping in a bike lane. The version HB 107 has passed the House but without the latter provision.

Please help us move these bills by using our action to contact your state representatives.

Thank you for taking action!