Call on the County Council to fund safer biking and walking

This action is no longer active. Please visit our action center for current actions you can take.

The County Council will finalize our next County budget (Fiscal Year 2025) in the next several days. Now is the time to let your councilmembers know you support active transportation in that budget.

We recommend you adapt the language to your own experience, but our message includes the following requests:

  • Add funding for the Bicycle Master Plan Tier One projects in and around the Wheaton central business district (see WABA’s Equitable Investment in Montgomery’s Bike Network)
  • Restore the proposed cuts of $24m to Montgomery Parks budget
  • Fund additional bike and pedestrian planners at the Montgomery County Department of Transportation
  • Fund a county-wide e-bike voucher/rebate program

As the Council finalizes the Capital and Operating budgets for the coming year, WABA recognizes the negative impact that the gap in funding could have, especially with regards to  transportation projects.  It appears, with only two weeks to go in the budget deliberations, that it is going to be difficult for the County to add much additional spending that is not included in the proposed capital budget County Executive Elrich released on January 15 (Review the transportation capital projects).  However, the County does have significant cash reserves which are appropriate to use on one time expenditures, such as the capital projects in the County Bicycle Master Plan, including the highest priority or Tier 1 plans in and around the Wheaton central business district, which are highlighted in WABA’s Equitable Investment in Montgomery’s Bicycle Network.  

It is also important to press the County Council to restore the $24m in cuts proposed to Montgomery Parks’ budget, cuts which would reduce Parks personnel and significantly impact efforts to repave and repair the miles of trails in our parks, such as the Sligo Creek and Rock Creek Trails.

Finally, we recommend the Council moves to support adding more bike/ped planners to the Montgomery County Department of Transportation staff and to fund even a small pilot e-bike voucher/rebate program that will allow those with less resources to purchase e-bikes which can serve as car replacement vehicles for many.

Call for safer biking and walking

Taking this quick action helps to make the whole county safe for those who walk, bike, roll and use transit to get around.  Your efforts will reduce the creation of climate changing carbon and make our streets safer for all who use them.