Food Rescue by Bike

Food waste is a huge problem in the US. On average, nearly 40% of our food waste is fresh fruits and vegetables and it contributes to 8% of the greenhouse gas emissions. When produce breaks down, it gives off not just CO2 but also methane gas, which is a greenhouse gas, far more potent than carbon dioxide.

Many of us bike because we want to reduce our carbon footprint and this is another way we can continue to reduce our it- rescuing food by bike rather than in a car. And in DC proper, it is much easier to do a rescue by bike than it is by car.  By working through Food Rescue US – DC, our biking community will be able to select food rescues by bike. It is simple to sign up and all the pick up and drop off details are included.

Are you sold yet?


So what do you need to do next?

First, sign up here:

How to Register with Food Rescue US

Next you’ll want to register on Food Rescue US. You can watch the video or follow the steps below to register:

  • Navigate to and click “Don’t have an account? Sign Up” in the bottom right corner.
  • Once you’ve registered and accessed the dashboard, click the link “Schedule.” This page will show all of the available food rescues, the date, their location, and destination.
  • To claim a a rescue, navigate the list until you find one you want, then under the “Actions” column, click the button “I’ll do it.” It will then appear in your dashboard!
    • You can use the “Adopt it” button to claim a food rescue to do every week. Some people like this option because it fits into their schedule in an expected way.
  • You can also filter the list to narrow down your options. There are filters for: distance, day of the week, donors/receiving agencies, sites, and dates.

Once you have completed this, you are ready to go rescue fresh produce and delicious pastries that would most likely be thrown away but instead, it will go to an agency to help feed someone who needs it!

For questions about this program, please contact Renée Moore, Outreach Director.