Everyday Bicycling Seminars

Bikeshare Contingent Everyday Bicycling Seminars are a great way for organizations to encourage their members and staff to ride. The seminar is a short presentation designed to introduce the basics of how to safely and easily fit biking into your daily life. It includes tips on:
  • Making sure your bike is in good working order,
  • Planning a good route,
  • Understanding safe riding principles and rules of the road and trail,
  • Carrying the things you need to carry, and more.
After the presentation, our trained staff will answer your questions, address your concerns, and resolve that nagging issue that has kept you from biking. (In our experience, everyone who isn’t biking but wants to has that one nagging issue!) The full seminar takes only an hour and we provide every participant with a Safe Cycling guide, local bike map, opportunity to take a free WABA city cycling class, and materials on upcoming bike-related events, activities, and programs. Email education@waba.org for cost and scheduling information or Complete This Form to Schedule an Everyday Bicycling Seminar.