Maps and Documents


Maps & Wayfinding

Finding a good route is important when you are trying to get around the region by bike. Fortunately, there are maps, apps, websites, and tools to help you find your way. Listed below are some of our favorite online wayfinding tools and maps. We also have paper copies of many local maps at the WABA office, and we welcome you to stop by during business hours to see what materials are available and take what you need. Google Maps is one of the best online tools for determining bicycle routes. It combines the standard Google Maps mapping and routing functionality with extensive trail data from Rails to Trails Conservancy, and it has improved greatly over time due to the consistent feedback of bicyclists. Spotcycle (Apple/Android) is the official app of Capital Bikeshare, and bikeshare users may already have it for that purpose. It also includes routing guidance. Jurisdictional Maps are available from many governments in the region, including: State & District Bicycle Maps City & County Bicycle Maps

WABA Resources for Advocacy & Outreach

  • Regional Call to Action. This guide reviews input from cycling stakeholders throughout the region and explains the four key principles–connectivity, safety, usability, and protection–necessary to make bicycling a functional transportation choice for the majority of people who are interested in biking for transportation, but unwilling to do so on our region’s roads as currently constructed.
  • Building a Bicycle Friendly Neighborhood: A Guide for Community Leaders. This guide is intended to empower community members and leaders to bring better bicycling for their communities by explaining how bike projects happen, teaching how to communicate the case for biking and bike infrastructure, and briefly explaining the types of bike infrastructure available to our communities.
  • Women and Bicycles Workbook. The Women and Bicycles workbook is an accompaniment to WABA’s Women & Bicycles programming. Even by itself, it is an excellent introduction to biking and a great primer for those who are interested starting biking and those who have questions or concerns keeping them from giving biking a try. While the book was written specifically for women, most of its content can benefit all beginning bicyclists.

Regional Bicycle Plans and Planning Documents