Business and Faith Leader Sign-on Letter

We, the undersigned, support an equitable transportation system that leads to the elimination of traffic deaths and serious crashes, while giving residents connected multimodal options to travel. We also support a sustainable transportation system that leads to a decrease in carbon pollution. 

In an equitable transportation system, a person’s identity and experience—one’s race, gender, and ability; how much money someone has, and where they live—doesn’t affect whether they can use safe, comfortable, and efficient multimodal transportation options. 

In a sustainable transportation system, all residents will have access to low- and zero-emission, energy-efficient, affordable modes of public transport, and the ability to safely travel using non-motorized options, such as biking, scootering, and walking. 

With these goals in mind, as Business or Faith-based organizations, we support:

  • Fully funding the completion of bus and bike networks even when it involves the removal of some car parking near our establishments 
  • Fully funding the completion and maintenance of the Capital Trails Network. 
  • Legislation and advocacy campaigns that ensure all residents have equitable access to affordable and reliable public transportation
  • Legislation and advocacy campaigns to reduce and eliminate the deaths, especially of vulnerable road users, resulting from traffic crashes including by fully funding and implementing county and/or city vision zero plans and legislation 
  • Access to continuous, accessible sidewalks placed along our establishments 

We understand that protected bike lanes, trails, and robust public transportation options have positive economic and community health impacts, and we understand that supporting a sustainable and equitable transportation system will fulfill our collective obligation to take action to reduce carbon emissions while increasing accessibility to our establishments. 

As signatories of this letter, we fully support policies and budget measures that lead to transportation justice!

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