Social Distance Sprouts Ride

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What’s the Social Distance Sprouts Ride?

In light of the CDC recommendation to limit gatherings of 50 and over for the next 8 weeks, WABA is canceling the 2020 Sprouts Ride (formerly scheduled for April 26).

We can’t all ride together like we normally would on a WABA Ride, but we’ve put together this how-to for a #SocialDistanceSprouts Ride.

The Social Distance Sprouts Ride is a guide for you to take a solitary bike ride with no person-to-person contact, as allowed by Mayor Bowser’s Stay-At-Home Order on March 30, 2020. Please follow all guidelines and orders regarding COVID-19 as they develop.

For more information, please check out our blog post on Biking During COVID-19.

There is no cost to download the materials below or to participate in #SocialDistanceSprouts.

If you enjoy your ride, please consider making a donation to WABA at We are grateful for your support!

Public Health Note

WABA urges you to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Please follow guidelines and directions from local jurisdictions. Don’t gather in groups in either public or private spaces, and don’t leave your home if you are sick or if the guidelines change.

Coronavirus updates for VA

Coronavirus updates for MD

Coronavirus updates for DC

If you go for a ride, please be vigilant about observing social distancing guidelines: maintaining 6 feet from others, no person-to-person contact, and sanitizing your hands frequently—especially after being out in public— for your own and others’ health. When biking, leave a lot of room for passing, stop 6 ft behind others at intersections, and plan to ride more slowly than you usually might. See our blog post about Biking during COVID-19 for more details.

How To Participate

It is free for all to participate in #SocialDistanceSprouts!

During the month of April, WABA will share tweets and posts from #SocialDistanceSprouts. Let’s spread the joy of going for a ride!

Here’s how it works:

1. Read the Social Distance Sprouts Ride Guide. This ride is different from traditional WABA rides: it is completely unsupported. You do it on your own time, and there are no pit stops, ride marshals, or WABA staff on call to assist you. Please review all of the ride information before going on the ride, and email events [at] waba [dot] org if you have questions about how this ride works.

2. Make sure you have what you need for a safe, fun ride!

Check out the route maps, download and print the cue sheet, or load the turn-by-turn directions into your GPS.

This guide has info for both the 6-mile Bean Sprout Route and the 14-mile Sapling Route. 

See below list of what to bring with you on your ride, including the necessities: water, snacks, and hand sanitizer/disinfecting wipes. 

3. Enjoy your ride! Tweet and tag us on Instagram @WABADC using #SocialDistanceSprouts to show off pics from your ride.

Complete the #SocialDistanceSprouts Scavenger Hunt and share what you find!

During the month of April, WABA will share your #SocialDistanceSprouts posts and photos. Let’s spread the joy of going for a ride!

4. Consider donating to WABA at

We appreciate any amount you can contribute to this to help us recover registration fees lost by canceling the Sprouts Ride due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Ride Information

Note: This ride is not supported. There are no ride marshals, pit stops, or emergency support staff to assist with this activity. This means:

  • In case of an emergency, call 911.
  • There are no bathrooms or venues involved in this ride.
  • There is no food provided on this ride; please bring your own snacks and water.

This ride is meant for individuals or pairs of people from the same household. Please follow developing CDC recommendations and guidelines from local jurisdictions, and do not gather in groups in private or public space.

What to Bring

  • Bike
  • Helmet (WABA’s insurance requires all participants in WABA events to wear helmets while they ride.)
  • Hand sanitizer or disinfecting wipes
  • Anti-bacterial soap for hand-washing stops
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Two full water bottles
  • Snacks
  • Flat repair supplies: Spare tube, tire levers, and pump or patch kit
  • Saddle bag, backpack, or pannier
  • Charged cell phone
  • U-lock
  • Wallet
  • Keys
  • Saddle bag, pannier, or backpack (to carry all this stuff!)

Getting There

The Bean Sprout and Sapling Routes both begin and end at the ramp onto the Metropolitan Branch Trail on M St NW (near the NoMa-Gallaudet U New York Ave Metro Station) .

Metro service is limited as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. WABA recommends avoiding non-essential use of public transportation until the crisis has passed.

6-Mile Bean Sprout Route

Route Map

Cue Sheet Downloads

Bean Sprout Route Cue Sheet (with map)

Bean Sprout Route Cue Sheet (cues only)

Route Files

Ride with GPS – This page allows you to send the route to your smartphone to open with the Ride with GPS App.

Google Maps



14-Mile Sapling Route

Route Map

Cue Sheet Downloads

Sapling Route Cue Sheet (with map)

Sapling Route Cue Sheet (cues only)

Route Files

Ride with GPS – This page allows you to send the route to your smartphone to open with the Ride with GPS App.

Google Maps



Scavenger Hunt

Can you find all 10 of these on your #SocialDistanceSprouts Ride?

Download the scavenger hunt so you can keep track on your ride! (And don’t forget to let WABA know what you find by emailing events [at] waba [dot] org or sharing with us us on Twitter and Instagram @WABADC.)

#SocialDistanceSprouts Scavenger Hunt (pdf)


Am I registered for the Social Distance Sprouts Ride?

You do not need to register to participate in this ride! It is free for all to download the route information on this page.

Do I have to be a WABA member to register for the ride?

Nope! But we’d love to have you as part of our community. You can join or renew your membership at

Don’t know much about our work? Read about our advocacy, education, and outreach work and keep up to date on our latest projects on our blog.

I paid to register for the 2020 Sprouts Ride. Is this the same thing? Can I have a refund?

WABA canceled the 2020 Sprouts Ride in light of CDC recommendation to limit gatherings of 50 and over for the next 8 weeks due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Because the Sprouts Ride, like all of WABA’s Signature Rides, is a fundraiser, we have a no refund policy. However, we can apply your ride fee to a future ride. If you paid to register for the 2020 Sprouts Ride, please email to learn more.

The Social Distance Sprouts Ride is an alternative to the 2020 Sprouts Ride, in keeping with CDC recommendations for how to exercise safely during this time of social distancing.

Are children allowed on this ride?

If you feel comfortable taking your kid on this ride, go for it. Do not go on bike rides with people who are not members of your immediate household while the Stay-At-Home order is in place.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

WABA’s insurance requires that everyone riding a bicycle in a WABA ride wears a helmet while riding during a WABA event. This is standard for organized rides across the country. Learn how to properly fit your helmet here. (We can help at check-in, too.)

Is this ride supported? 

No. The Social Distance Sprouts Ride is completely unsupported. You do it on your own time. There is NOT a Support and Gear vehicle on the route. There are no pit stops, no bathroom stops, and no food or water (bring your own!)

In the case of an emergency on the ride, call 911.

Where can I find information about the routes?

Maps, cue sheets, and links to GPS files for both our 6-mile and 14-mile route options are available on this page.

Is the route marked with signs or arrows?

No, but we do our best to make the route directions clear and comprehensive. If you get lost, you can check the map or cue sheet.

Do I have to stop at stop signs?

Yes. We can’t control what you do on the roads, but, we ask you to ride safely, respectfully, and lawfully to maximize safety for all the ride participants and other trail and road users. Stop at all red lights and stop signs. Always yield to pedestrians. Use hand signals when turning. Communicate verbally with other riders. Do not ride more than two abreast, and do not take up more than one lane of travel. When riding on sidewalks, trails, or paths, be cautious when passing other users and slow down.

Will you feed me?

No. You should bring snacks and water to keep yourself fueled on your ride.

Will there be marshals?

No. In case of an emergency on the ride, please call 911.

Should I bring a lock?

Yes. Even if you don’t plan to stop during the ride, it’s good to have a lock with you in case of an unanticipated or emergency stop.

Don’t know the best ways to lock up? Check out this handy guide on preventing bicycle theft.

I have a question that you haven’t answered here.

We are happy to help! Contact Anna McCormally at