Family and Youth Education

camp3_lowres WABA provides youth bicycle safety education and programming in DC public schools, as well as skills challenge courses for community events. We can also help arrange for individual lessons for kids.


camp4_lowres WABA teaches key elements of the District Department of Transportation’s Safe Routes to School program. WABA instructors serve students in DC public and public charter schools, providing classroom and on-bike lessons. WABA maintains all materials necessary for the delivery of the program, including bikes and helmets. If you are a teacher or a school administrator and you want to bring our program to your students, email for more information. If you’re a parent, help us connect with your child’s school by filling out our interest form here. camp2lowres

Maryland and Virginia

WABA does not currently offer in-school education programming in Virginia or Maryland. If you have any questions about our former program in Maryland, please contact the Maryland State Highway Administration’s Transportation Alternatives program by phone at (410) 545-5675, fax at (410) 209-5025, or email at

Individual Lessons

While WABA doesn’t arrange for individual lessons, we do have an extensive list of certified instructors who may be able to help.


For information about WABA’s youth classes, email To see how we teach kids how to ride bikes, watch this video: WABA’s education department is supported in part by your membership dollars. Join or donate to WABA today and help our programs reach further. Join our team! Find out how to become a WABA instructor.