Newsletter: Flowers, Signups, Tacos

In honor of the official Peak Cherry Blossom announcement, here are the best flowers you can see from your bike:

  1. Redbud and dogwood season along the C&O towpath (April-ish) 
  2. Chicory along the Met Branch Trail in Eckington (I know, I know, it’s invasive. But it’s such a lovely blue!)
  3. Wisteria season in the front yards of Capitol Hill.
  4. A blanket of bluets in Mason Neck State Park (pictured above)
  5. Azalea Mountain at the National Arboretum
  6. The Lotus and Lily Festival at Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens
  7. The massive, lone cherry tree in Barnard Hill Park
  8. The sunflower field at McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area
  9. The cherry blossoms at Hains Point

Things to Do:

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Recent happenings: 

Trail rangers pose next to a pile of trash collected on the Hayes Street bikeway.
  • The Trail Rangers completed a big trail cleanup on Hayes Street—check it out next time you ride through. 
  • Culture & Engagement Manager Jonathan Stafford hosted a chat about the intersection of Black History and Transportation.
  • The DC Council held its annual budget oversight hearing for the District Department of Transportation. Lots of great testimony from advocates across the city. You can read our testimony here.

A Fun Route Idea for the Weekend:

The nice people at District Bridges have put together a Tour de Taco. Now, you could approach this like a sane person and eat tacos a few extra days over the allotted two weeks. You could do that, but why would you, when you could spend all day biking around the city eating too many tacos?  

Programming note: no newsletter next week.

Have a great weekend!