DC Bike Ambassador

The DC Bike Ambassadors, funded through a partnership with the District Department of Transportation, are bike-loving, conversation-starting mobile information dispensers! The DC Bike Ambassador program seeks to:

  • Encourage more DC residents and visitors to try bicycling
  • Educate bicyclists, drivers, and pedestrians on the safe use of roads, sidewalks, and trails
  • Reduce barriers that prevent people from bicycling
  • Provide resources to make the choice to travel by bike an easy and safe one
  • Model good behavior and respectful, safe road use for everyone

Bike ambassadors make these goals a reality by being visible within DC, distributing maps, information, and encouragement at key points around the city. You can catch the Bike Ambassadors at community events, health fairs, near trails and major stretches of bike infrastructure, and pulling their billboard on wheels to encourage safe and responsible road use.

Be a Bike Ambassador!

Want to get more involved in the DC region’s biking community, be a DC Bike Ambassador!

A volunteer Bike Ambassador is enthusiastic about spreading the word of safe cycling throughout the city. Bike Ambassadors are at various locations to help answer questions about biking in DC and share tips on how to bike safely.

Join us for fun rides and activities that encourage bicycling to people of all abilities. You can also join the Bike Ambassadors at community events, health fairs, near trails and major stretches of bike infrastructure.

What kind of events could you join?

Street Corner Outreach/Metro Station Outreach – Each week Bike Ambassadors will gather before or after typical work hours to engage with people all around the city; celebrate riding courteously, yielding to pedestrians or simply just for riding a bike! We’ll set up a table with helpful resources for people to learn more about biking and help inspire them to get out and ride. Bring a good attitude and leave people with a great impression

Tabling events – Often fairs, festivals  or community events where we’ll set up a table full of info and invite people to talk with us. 

Social Rides – We’ll get together and lead fun rides throughout the city. 

Tabling and outreach volunteer training happens at each event so please come for your shift on time! Branded Bike Ambassador shirts will be distributed after your second time tabling with WABA. 

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Have an idea for a good event? Contact Trey Robinson at bikeambassadors@waba.org with questions and comments about the Bike Ambassador program.

WABA’s outreach programming is also supported by your dollars. Join or donate to WABA today to help us continue our work, like the bike ambassador program, to get more people in the D.C. area to ride bikes.