Newsletter: Cornering at speed.

Happy Friday,

There’s a corner in my neighborhood that makes me smile almost every time I ride through it—it has just a touch of a downhill slope that increases as you turn, so it feels like one of those turbo zones in MarioKart. A little boost of zooooom a few blocks from home. 

This morning it got me thinking about how, for all its practicality, an urban street grid doesn’t create a lot of opportunities for one of the purest joys in biking: descending around a corner really fast. You know that pleasing sensation of gravity starting to tip sideways as you lean into a turn, and the satisfaction of feeling your tires cling to the pavement? Good stuff.

I have a few places I head toward if I am seeking that sensation: Ridge Road in Rock Creek Park, White’s Store Road in the Montgomery County Agricultural Reserve, Old Colchester Road in Lorton. Or for a quick, close-to-home dose of zooming, Longford Drive in Chillum.  

What are your favorite windy hills to zoom down?

Things to do this week:

A Fun Route Idea For the Weekend

Looks like it will be sunny and breezy this weekend. Start at the Potomac Yard Metro station and head over to Del Ray for something delicious, then meander your way on a mostly trails and bike lanes route to Edmonston for some tacos. From there it’s a short jaunt back to the College Park Metro station. 

Have  a great weekend.